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EuroGamer: "Dark Arisen is indisputably in Dark Souls' thrall. But this tribute is both thoughtful and creative, building upon Miyazaki's work with some individuality rather than merely mimicking its - arguably unrepeatable - wonders. Dragon's Dogma is yet to find its true identity, but this expansion is evidence of one of Capcom's more capable remaining internal teams - as well as of a series that clearly has long-term ambitions which seem likely to blossom in time."

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Chuk52102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Between this and Soul Sacrifice and Dark Souls II, I think we're seeing a new breed of JRPGs taking significant root.

sdozzo2102d ago

Yeah, The Darker Style Is Cool.

Bimkoblerutso2102d ago

Yeah, it's Japanese devs doing western inspired RPG's. And ironically, they're doing it better than Western devs are these days.

SolidDuck2102d ago

I agree, and this new style is my favorite type of rpg. I also wish they would put monster hunter on something besides a Nintendo platform. I'm also excited to see what deep down becomes.

GamerToons2102d ago

Hell yeah. Deep Down (rumored to be a true sequel to Dragon's Dogma) looks beautiful.

Pintheshadows2102d ago

I don't think Deep Down will be a sequel to Dragon's Dogma (although i'd like it to be as well) but i'm hoping it is a game very much in the same style.

Then a true sequel to Dragon's Dogma can come later.