Nintendo Shuts Down Wii U Online Services to Upgrade Features

Tynan Muddle at writes: "
Nintendo Wii U owners will experience a period of planned downtime tomorrow while the publisher readies the console for a major update.

From 6am Australian Eastern Standard Time to mid day (AEST) on April 23, 2013, Nintendo will be conducting maintenance on their servers which will affect all stores in the Nintendo family of video game consoles."

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kirbyu2004d ago

Actually Nintendo, if you want to, you can shut down ALL the online services except YouTube and the eShop for good, I'm never gonna use them. That would actually help so Madden no longer wastes my times by loading the online connection I'm not going to use.

pikey2004d ago ShowReplies(2)
jakmckratos2004d ago

The 14 people who play CoD on there are gonna be FURIOUS!

MNGamer-N2004d ago

I can't wait for the update. It's going to add some useful and needed features. I was hoping to get it this morning, but now it looks like it might not be until tomorrow.

YoungPlex2004d ago

Damn my Monster Hunter fix will have to wait until tomorrow!

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