Worms Revolution Collection Announced as Xbox 360 Exclusive

Annelid aficionados Mastertronic today announced Worms Revolution Collection, the latest in anarchic action, will explode into stores next month exclusively for Xbox 360. Worms Revolution Collection contains the critically acclaimed Worms Revolution, and more besides.

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Swiggins2005d ago

I used to love Worms as a kid...might pick this one up.

lovegames7182005d ago

wow awesome exclusive! lol

aceitman2005d ago

exclusive for how long just like the other worm games they came out on psn about 6 months later.

rainslacker2005d ago

Worms Revolution is already available on the US PSN...don't know if it's this collection though.

In about a month the Worms collection is coming out at retail as well. It has the the first 3 worms games in it.

Knight_Crawler2005d ago

You 360 fanboys do love to rub it in.

It will more than likely be a time exclusive and then PSN will get it...just like Limbo, Braid and Castle Crashers.

SegaGamer2005d ago

I would rather they fixed the glitched achievement in Worms Ultimate Mayhem.

jasona19802004d ago

I think this is out in the US October 2013 for PS3 so might be 360 exclusive until then...

Also my website nicely had a big mention on the front cover of the box art for the retail version :)