Wii U online maintenance planned today

Nintendo will carry out extended maintenance across its online services today, in preparation for the Wii U system update.

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o-Sunny-o2009d ago

Does that mean no Miiverse or Online or just the store?

Jek_Porkins2009d ago

It's almost like the e-Shop is always having maintenance for me. Does anyone else get Error Code 111-9001 and 111-1007? I can almost never access the shop or buy anything because it says there is an error.

My connection is fine, I actually have a wired connection to my Wii U instead of wireless, and I've reset my router/modem a crap ton. It's annoying when you want to access the store and cant, I was going to buy Puddle, Toki Tori 2 and Kirby that is $0.30 this month, but I can never freaking get to it.

deafdani2009d ago

Nope, that's definitely not normal. Have you contacted Nintendo support?

Neonridr2009d ago

I have never had a problem connecting to the eShop.

Spookshow2009d ago

I had issues like those for like a week and they were driving me nuts. They fixed on their own though. I did contact Nintendo Support and did a ton of things, and in the end it wasn't my fault bt the system's and like I mentioned it was fixed on its own.

Nevers0ft2009d ago

That's not normal, contact Nintendo. I've had the occasional issue opening the eShop and had to retry but it's never failed twice.

ZeekQuattro2009d ago

I just got the same thing you did. The error message even says its down for maintenance.

Jek_Porkins2009d ago

I called Nintendo and they told me it had to do with an incompatible router, they tried to help me over the phone but it didn't really help. Considering I'm hard wired to the modem, I am not sure what the hell the deal is. I cant even update Netflix, Youtube, Hulu or any other app, but can access Mii verse.

ZeekQuattro2009d ago

@ porkins
I can now access eshop and app updates but still no system OS update at the moment. I was told on Miiverse its supposed to be up around 9pm pacific time. If your still locked out after that I don't know what happened. Hopefully this hasn't been a frequent problem for you.

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