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Mark goes in search of zombie-killing fun in Dead Island: Riptide, but finds little more than a frustrating mess of half-baked ideas and repetitive combat.

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StraightPath3965d ago

First one was absolute repititve trash as well no suprise here. No idea how people liked that tedious fetchquest and repititive and poor melee combat and glitched bug ridden of a game. Awful story and characters and gameplay. I am sure only thing was coop that people liked.

Eyeco3965d ago

Agreed the first is one of the worst games ive played this gen, repetitive, clunky, buggy, ugly, annoying I'm definitely not buying this game

InTheLab3965d ago

Kinda sounds like Skyrim....

Eyeco3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )


Skyrim was buggy, but it's gameplay was incredible and offered different play style depending on the perk system which was far more flexible and useful than Dead Island which felt useless, it's world was far more engaging and immersive, it's story was interesting

Dead Island tried to borrow elements off games like Fallout and Borderlands , and a dash of L4D it sounds great on paper but the game just isn't pulled off with is as much finesse, the game's biggest problem is in it's execution, looking at the reviews this seems to have carried off into the sequel, talk about lazy development.

Kurt Russell3965d ago

It's a shame, I liked the original for all its flaws... a 2nd one could have improved upon the formula to make something great.

Ahh well, Who do you voodoo eh?

xPhearR3dx3965d ago

This is a game critics will destroy and fans will love. I loved the first one even with all it's flaws. I've already completed the game once and on my second playthough on PC and this one is even better. Many of the problems the first one had, this game fixed. I have come across a few minor bugs here and there, but nothing like the original.

If you loved the first one, pick this up. If you hated or didn't like the first one, don't bother. Everything has been improved i.e revamped, but the core fundamentals are the same.

ABizzel13965d ago

While I'm sure it's quite possibly a half baked attempt (it should have been DLC, not a $60 game full of the same glitches), I can't trust this reviewer. He's stated countless times he's more of a casual gamers playing iOS and Soccer games the majority of the time.

Excalibur3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

It's not a $60.00 game it's a $50.00 game.

That said as I recall the first one didn't get great reviews either and I loved it.

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JsonHenry3965d ago

The first one didn't get good reviews and I still loved it. I'll be getting this one too.

MariaHelFutura3965d ago

Yea, I loved the 1st too. I'll buy this one at some point. Some of my favorite games this gen aren't rated very highly and vice versa. All in all most reviews mean nothing to me.

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iNFAMOUZ13965d ago

damn this game is bombing everywhere

pandehz3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

'Fetch quest within a fetch quest' bahahahaha innovation extreme.

Hmm I dont get it.

I thought the original bombed hard enough for the series to disappear from existence.

Anyways this one prolly confirmed that.

Eyeco3965d ago

It's because the game sold 5 million copies yeah amazing I know, when there are superior games like Dark Souls, and Ni No kuni which stuggle barely crack a 1 million.

Judging by the amount of hate on the facebook page most people felt cheated by the trailer, that would explain it.

Myst3965d ago

Holy crap I thought I saw preview instead of review. Then I saw the score and immediately woke up all I can say is wow...

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