OXCGN’s Dead Island Riptide Review -Turning the tide?


"Fast forward about a year and a half, and publisher Deep Silver has now released Dead Island Riptide, not quite a sequel, but rather the next installment in the franchise.

If you liked the original, you’re going to fall in love with Riptide‘s improvements; however, if the first didn’t fit your fancy, then you likely won’t find your views changed."

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BadCircuit2007d ago

It seems a bit more interesting than the last one, but still not up to that trailer for the first one...

gaminoz2007d ago

Anyone else sick of zombies yet?


BadCircuit2007d ago

Shooting living corpses in the head will never get old.

I like that they went somewhere a bit more interesting.

gaminoz2007d ago

Yeah, they could have gone to, I don't know...New York or somewhere overused :p

DeusExer2007d ago

I'm a bit burnt out from zombie games at the moment, may pick this one up later to play with some friends.

gaminoz2007d ago

I know what you mean. But they still sell.

REALgamer2007d ago

Interested, but going to have to wait until release to see how the PC version holds up. I had way too many weird issues running the first one (particularly excessive screen tearing and strange stuttering whenever I moved the mouse).

Belgavion2007d ago

Yeah might wait this one out

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