PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP Video Game Releases: April 21st – 27th, 2013 (Retail and Digital)

There’s a pretty good list of games coming out this week, with quite a few retail and digital releases on the PlayStation 3, three different PSN titles on the Vita, and the PSP gets Black Rock Shooter.

*All titles listed are releasing in North America and Europe, unless otherwise noted.

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PeaSFor2004d ago

i want my Soul Sacrifice, ....NAO!!!!

Kalowest2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I want Soul Sacrifice MEOW too!!!

madara0sama2004d ago

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen here I come!! Only tried the demo for the original one, glad I waited.

Hanso2004d ago

me too 28€ only for Dark Arisen mad content for little money
also got a dragons dogma save from a friend so i can get some extra stuff when the game notices the save

2004d ago
o-Sunny-o2004d ago

I want it all now and PS Plus forecast for next month! Exciting!

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