How does it feel to be used? — How Playstation Plus is profitable

GameDwellers looks at Playstation Plus, examining how it is a very profitable service for Sony.

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Snookies122099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Feels great, I love getting all sorts of games I might never normally try. I've found quite a few gems thanks to PS+. :]

Not to mention the ones I DID want, but never really decided to buy that I got to play. I'm mainly paying for PS+ because of the cloud saves (love having those for backup and going to friend's houses). So the free games I'm getting along with it, really are free to me.

sinncross2099d ago

I disagree with pretty much everything the author says.

1) Saying that PS+ users already have played most of the games, is a bit of a stretch. Sure it is for some, but that is part of the deal when you sign up.

2 Therefore, no one is really expecting brand new games to be on the service. (some kind of aren't that old though). it comes down to expectations: when Sony showed off the revamped PS+ last year it should have been obviously what kind of deal you were getting.

3) Deals dont take money... using Gucamelee as the only example makes no sense. That is like saying that you bought PS+ and the only thing you did with it was buy a game at a lowered price. That is such a ridiculous thing to call PS+ on. That is like an added benefit to PS+ being a rental service.

4) Anything on the PS Store is a marketing scheme. Just like when you go shopping at a store: they arrange stuff in such ways that you will notice other stuff. You dont even need PS+ to do that: the PS Store is designed in such a way where they show off other stuff.

I dont know... the author is not wrong per se, but completely stretching every point to seem like a bigger issue than they really are.

Gaming1012099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

The "author" doesn't know jack about doing business. He clearly has no education in business, and has no idea how to add value to services. Screw him! PS+ is just one of those things that virtually everyone who gets it inevitably loves at one point or another due to all the exposure to games they get that they otherwise never would have.
All services are digital, so Sony isn't losing a dime if they decide to give away something for free as long you as remain a subscriber, that's how netflix works, you essentially get everything they have as long as you remain a subscriber. It's called business! And it happens to be a very good business model that tons of people love.

delboy2099d ago

I own a ps3 since day one, before ps+ I bought over 100 games.
That's about 20 games per year.
Now since I subscribed to ps+, last e3,I bought only 3 games, next game will be Bioshok Infinite.
So from 20 games per year I went down to 3-5 games.
In my case, Sony has lost money with ps+.

violents2099d ago

1. He said the real "hardcore" gamers have prob already bought them, and hes right I buy a lot of games and have owned or still do own a lot of the games they have given away.

2. No one of intelligence would expect them to give away brand new games. That would be stupid from a business standpoint.

3. uh if deals don't make money why do stores have sales? Do you think they are just really nice and want to give you a great deal?

4. That's the point, if you go in to get your "free" game then you are forced to see other games and deals going on at the moment, henceforth enticing you to buy them, because(see number 3 again)deals on games sell games, people like sales.

HammadTheBeast2099d ago

Going by his logic, Steam should've failed long ago.

And considering Hitman Absolution, only a few months old is coming next month, it completely invalidates that argument.

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Blastoise2099d ago

Best thing about PS+ is if you get it for PS3 (like I did) then you get it for free on Vita. It's epic

FunAndGun2099d ago

Yeah, I bought a Vita because Plus added Vita games. I think I would have bought a Vita eventually, but the Plus addition pushed me over the edge.

MikeMyers2099d ago

I will say this as a Plus member since it started, it has gotten better. We get more free games now, Vita has been added (and not just throwaway games either). We also get more new games with discounts than when the service first came out.

I have gotten my $5o worth long before the year expires each time I renew. I would like to see more beta's though.

stuna12099d ago

This is just an attempt to discredit PS+, because it's already known that Xbox Live will once again be a paid service with most likely higher fees!

But to answer the question! I so, so like to be used by PS+! It can even spank my bottom for all the benefits I've already received through the service.

violents2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

How is this an attempt to discredit anything, the guy is talking about how great of a deal ps+ is and how its still profitable for sony. Dude at least read the article before you stick your foot in you mouth.

OH my bad, I just realized your prob talking about that haters comment.

Sorry yo!

Sucitta2099d ago

I really thought the title of the article implied that I should feel 'used' for paying for xLive all these years without getting a single percent of what Plus offers gamers..

Then I read the article, what a waste of time.

nix2099d ago

i finally succumbed and subscribed to Plus because i was getting Gravity Rush free. i'm sure i'll get some more free games on PS3 too. i don't know what because right now my PS3 is dead. /:

Mr_Writer852099d ago

Log into the web store and add them to your downloads you don't wanna miss out.

hesido2099d ago

Make sure you add stuff to your download list through a PC. e.g. I have LBP2 on disc, but added to my download list in case I lose the disc :=)

nix2099d ago

okay.. thanks guys.

hellzsupernova2099d ago

hell yeah the aurthor should sign up!

I never got around to sleeping dogs, free on plus and is now my favourite open world style game!
MGS 2, 3 HD for vita i never played these as a kid and im am loving those games!
ME3 i couldnt believe that game came to plus and i had literally just finished ME2
I feel like im riping sony off with all these amazing deals sounds really fanboyish but its true!
ive just downloaded Gucamele discounted on plus cannot wait to jump in
my list of games grows by the month :) couldnt be happier!
thanks sony

dedicatedtogamers2099d ago

PS+ fits in nicely with my gaming habits. I don't buy every single brand-new game because I don't have the time to play them all right at launch (I used to do that, but then the game would sit on the shelf for a month or two and typically drop in price). If you are patient, you will find plenty of deals and freebies sooner or later. For instance, the Vita has/had Uncharted:GA, Disgaea 3, Wipeout, and Gravity RUsh free to download within the last two months.

On the other hand, if you buy every scrap of DLC and every brand-new release, then the PS+ deals aren't going to seem so attractive.

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Malice-Flare2099d ago

sure PS+ is a profit grab, but then so is paying XBL Gold for Youtube, Netflix and online multi-player and that it is much worse...

this article will only be valid if PS+ changes on PS4 and i doubt Sony isn't conscious of that after presenting themselves as more 'friendly'...

BitbyDeath2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Article summary -

PS+ offers new games = The hardcore bought them last week :-(
PS+ offers old games = The old games aren’t new enough :-(
PS+ offers discounts = Discounts lead to purchases :-(
PS+ Service overall = PS+ advertises with free games and advertising is bad :-(

Hope I saved some of you from clicking on this garbage article.

r212099d ago

Thank you for having us to from reading that crap. Have a bub.

haymoza2099d ago ShowReplies(1)
DragonKnight2099d ago

Lots of negative or B.S. articles floating around today. I don't think that people choosing to pay for PS+ are being used.

Qrphe2099d ago

This wasn't a negative article.

DragonKnight2099d ago

It was a B.S. article then?

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