MyPSVITA Review: Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland

Alchemy Rules are simple - you need to connect several components to create the desired object. And what will arise when we combine the following items: Japanese game developer, RPG genre and alchemy as the main theme? You will see in the following review.

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o-Sunny-o2004d ago

I always enjoy these games but I always get the bad ending. I'm too slow...the time limit gets me.

N4GCB2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

The time system in this game is a bitch. you have 6 years, and yet your total game time will be less than persona 4 which is only 1 year.

I can see time getting eaten up for traveling in atelier, I don't mind this, but so much time gets eaten up by picking stuff up and fighting stuff, it's ridiculous a 5 second battle takes up half your day, I don't know about you but I just saw it happen in under 5 seconds why does it take up 5 hours?

I've no time to enjoy myself, as I feel to pressured to do stuff.

MorfiTM2004d ago

Doing the bad ending first isn't a bad thing at all, because:
- you have one ending out of your way
- the savefile from the earlier bad ending can be used for a new game+ which will give you acquired equipment (armor and weapons) and money you have saved.

This way i had the second best equipment and 100,000 gold when starting the game for the second time, and the best equipment and 300,000 gold when playing it for the third time. Now i'm hoarding money for the Rich Ending where i need to have 500,000 gold :P

DivineAssault 2004d ago

i never played one of these games.. Are they good? They always score well so i guess that answers my question, but is there any other jrpgs to compare it to??

MorfiTM2004d ago

There are many jrpgs for Vita, but most of them weren't localized (yet, i hope) so from the available ones the next one which is similar (in a way) is Persona 4 Golden.
Answering your earlier question: Yes they are good, cause you can spend with them 20,50 or 100+ hours and still have fun.