Xbox may drop to $99 by late May

A new Xbox console may be on the way, and that could mean deep discounts on the existing model next month. Could we see an Xbox under $100?

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aviator1892009d ago

I doubt it'll drop that much, unless costs to make the machine have gone down drastically or ms just wants to flood homes with xbox 360s.

NastyLeftHook02009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

im not sure if microsoft can afford to make that choice just yet. too much of a drastic price cut and they will bleed money.

AngelicIceDiamond2009d ago

"too much of a drastic price cut and they will bleed money."

No, they won't Tube. This is the Xbox we're talking about here btw.

horndog2009d ago

And how would you know that?? Are you the accountant?

steve30x2008d ago

LMAO @ they will bleed money. They made enough profit over the past year to give away the Xbox 360 for free.

Anywayt if they do sell the Xbox 360 at a low price I will buy one , but if they dont then I wont buy one because of the next xbox coming soon.

GamersRulz2009d ago

doesn't the 4gig version cost $99 already?

famoussasjohn2008d ago

Initially, but then you have to pay for XBL that is $14.99 per month for 2 years.

aLucidMind2008d ago

Nope, you basically just put a down payment of $100 while making monthly payments of $15 for two years. So you still wind up paying the initial $250 that it would cost if you bought it in the first place.

MikeMyers2009d ago

Rumors are floating that there will be a new Xbox 360 coming.

dcbronco2009d ago

The cost to make the 360 is far less than most believe. It should be around $100 to make now once they do the annual re-negotiation of contracts. If they announce another die shrink(45nm to 32 or 28nm) $100 will still be making a profit.

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LOGICWINS2009d ago

I'm surprised this hasn't happened already.

ThatCanadianGuy5142009d ago

Not much of a point to be honest.Do you think they will support it at all? Not me.

They will do exactly what they did the first time, cut ties and move on while waving a giant middle finger to current owners who don't plan on upgrading any time soon.

Just look at 360 for the last two years.A whole lot of nothing.And it'll be even worse when nextbox drops.

Sorry to rant here but man they just piss me off.I still remember the abandonment from the first xbox.I was a diehard player on xbox battlefield back then.

Jek_Porkins2009d ago

What people don't realize about the original Xbox was that the chip that powered it went out of production, and on top of that, Microsoft was losing a lot of money on every Xbox sold. They didn't really have a choice but to drop support.

I actually think they will support the Xbox 360 through 2015 like they said they would years ago, it makes sense because they will want the current 360 to be competition for set top boxes. I also think they'll announce some new games for the 360 this year. Will they support the 360 with first party games past 2013? Probably not, but third parties will still support it, it'll still get the newest COD, Battlefield, Madden ect...

I think the people that are complaining about lack of support for the 360 the last couple of years might change their tune if it turns out that was because their studios are working on next gen games. Strong launch lineup>weak launch lineup.

GamersRulz2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

The same thing can be applied to PS4 BC. in addition to the costs, Mark Cerny said that there are many components of CELL processor that would be hard to be obtained in near future due to the closure of CELL factory. yet you find a lot people complaining about BC in PS4!!

dcbronco2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I think the majority of the people complaining about a lack of support are sheep and Sony fanboys. They cut support for the original because Nvidia and Intel were ripping them off on the parts. Jek is right on that. Intel wouldn't make the chip at a reasonable price. But anyone paying attention will also notice that neither company is getting any shot at consoles anymore. They have screwed two of the three console makers.

DayZ maybe you just don't know. But the blame goes to Intel and Nvidia. But at least Intel has enough class to go away in silence. Nvidia has been whining like girls.

Rulzs I heard Sony can't shrink the Cell any further without having heat issues. And if they can't continue to shrink it, it isn't worth adding. Plus it would need a lot of power for that and the new parts.

admiralvic2009d ago

@ DCBronco / GamersRulz

I don't think it has to do with "sheep" or "fanboys", but the simple fact people fail to do one of the following.

1) Have an understanding that BC is far from a simple process.
2) Think about things in a context that is not your own.
3) Accept that the cost to implement it might be too great.

In either case, I really just think some people want to find fault with anything regardless of the reason / logic.

dcbronco2008d ago


In that first paragraph I was speaking on MS dropping the original Xbox.

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rainslacker2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Systems tend to sell like wildfire once they hit that price. Every console in history has seen a huge spike in sales when dropped to $99.

For me I would probably get one at that price just to go back and play some of the games that I wanted to play during it's lifetime. I stayed away from MS on it's release due to various reasons...most of which came to pass, and when I finally felt comfortable with the newer versions I looked into it but the software had dried up.

But there are still some early cycle RPG's I want to play, as well as a few other games which were exclusive to the system. On top of that most software for the system can be gotten pretty cheap now, or will be cheap in the future, so it would boost my collection.:)

BitbyDeath2009d ago

E3 would be more likely... IMO

josephayal2009d ago

I am currently trying to decide between an xbox 360 or Ouya

Rockefellow2009d ago

I've got no interest in the vast majority of the 360's library of exclusive games, perhaps sitting in the ballpark of fifteen to twenty titles I'd like to try out... Yet I would buy it in an instant when forced to choose between the two options you've listed.

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