Undocumented Xbox360 Cache Clear Function In Dash Update

Gamers Reports has posted news about an undocumented xbox360 dash update.

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Droidbro6208d ago

That's a cool thing to know about, but why does it have to be a secret? Is the average gamer not smart enough to maintain their storage devices???

Silver3606208d ago

It clears all your game updates, so new maps gone new quests gone new cars gone. Not worth it

Lucidmantra6208d ago (Edited 6208d ago )

I don't think that it stores the data for downloads in the same area for caching game data bro. If it works even vaugely like a PC HDD cache is set aside and used and then it writes other data to the rest of the drive.

They need a DEFRAG bad too over time those HDDs are going to trash out from framentation of data writing and reallocation for open write space. Itll be a mess and slow the drive down unless they are using a new file system.

TheMART6208d ago

It's a lot easier, just hold the A button while starting up, when you see the loadscreen of the game, only the cache has been cleared. So not all your software updates!