The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - first look at CD Projekt's answer to Skyrim | OXM UK

OXM UK: "The Wild Hunt is a strange pan-European myth focusing on a spectral hunting party skimming above the ground, in pell-mell pursuit of whatever quarry they can chase down. To see the Wild Hunt is to bring disaster - at best, your death, but most likely a war or plague."

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KnightRobby2009d ago

Can't wait for this game, especially since it is not going to be ported down to current-gen systems. Plus, they say the graphics are going to look like CGI this time around. :D

uncharted562009d ago

hold your horses until they release gameplay

haggishurler2009d ago

Even if Geralt played monopoly with Yennifer for the whole game I would still get it for the story if it was as engaging as 1 and 2.

Reibooi2009d ago

I think there is a good chance that they will get the graphics at near CG quality. I mean the jump from the first game to the 2nd is massive and if it's a similar jump from 2 to 3 then yeah I can see it getting close. Might not be mega polished hollywood style but it could easily look better then alot might think it will based on so many being doubtful.

I mean look at the quality of the engines out there. SE's new engine makes the graphics look damn near the same as their CGI cut scenes and if they can do it I don't see why CD projekt Red can't do it.

But regardless graphics are not the most important thing. The writing is and the first 2 games were so damn good I can't imagine them dropping the ball on the 2nd. It's gonna be a incredible game regardless of graphics.

uncharted562008d ago

I never said it isn't possible but I will hold my judgement until they release the footage actually showing cgi quality. Hell even Crysis 3 doesn't have CGI quality graphics what makes you think that they will in game which is to be bigger in size then skyrim and supposed to have no loading times will. Anyways cant wait for this game since story will be amazing and by the looks of it the combat will be more refined and polished then witcher 2.

Oh_Yeah2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Graphics arnt going to look CGI...this is a huge open world game were talking about here. If developed and optimized soley to run on the 1000$ Titan gfx card then possibly.

Oh_Yeah2009d ago

People don't like the truth when it goes against their hopes.

Hassassin2009d ago

Even if it looked "only" as good as witcher 2 I'd be exited... But still, I'm sure it'll be even better looking, CDPR has passionate developers that want to improve.

Blastoise2009d ago

Why is it an answer to Skyrim?

Snookies122009d ago

Was Skyrim ever a question?

ApolloTheBoss2009d ago

More like a baseless statement.

Baka-akaB2009d ago

Seriously the last thing a Witcher fan would request is it trying to compete with skyrim .

It's a compeltely different beast that doesnt try to be an (imo boring) endless exploration map , and will actually tell a story , even with lots of choices .

haggishurler2009d ago

Apparently the map is going to be larger than Skyrim and significantly less boring (imo) seeing as CDPR will fill it with meaningful content and quests, rather than having their game engine do it for them.

Baka-akaB2009d ago

Yeah but it still wont be about endless roaming like the elder scrolls . Wich is fine , it aint supposed to be the purpose .

Bathyj2009d ago

Because games journalists have no imagination. They can comprehend a game unless they have another game to compare it too.

Anyway, I cant wait to play The Last of Us, Naughty Dogs answer to Call of Duty Zombie mode.

sourav932009d ago

And I can't wait to to play GTA 5, Rockstar's answer to Virtua Tennis 4. Confused? There's a interactable tennis court in GTA 5 xD.

da_2pacalypse2009d ago

It's mainly because Skyrim was open world and had a lot of content. Something that Witcher 3 is also trying to do. But in terms of story and gameplay, they're very different.

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MrAnderson2009d ago

Yes CD Project, we know you want to be as big as Skyrim, maybe when you're all grown up :)

Ragthorn2009d ago

That comment was just utterly bs. Probably stuck playing Skyrim on his PS3 lol. While we enjoy the next Witcher game on our PCs.

Avernus2009d ago

If it's an answer to Skyrim then they're setting their sites too low >.>

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