'Heavy Rain' proves AAA games can still take chances

StickSkills said, "In a world where 3.4 million Tomb Raider copies sold is a number that falls short of a publisher’s expectations, it’s no wonder publishers are in fear of investing in these AAA titles. They are a business first a foremost and turning a profit is the only way to continue existing and publishing the games people want to play. Clearly, though, Quantic Dream presents a counter argument, saying that betting big can pay off in the end."

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Godchild10202010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Heavy Rain came at a time where (Some) gamers wanted something refreshing and new. It's the same with Alan Wake and L.A Noire, at least it was from me.

I expect Beyond Two Souls to do the same. Its coming at a time where we are just getting nothing but sequels to games we have played already.

thirtyandnerdy2010d ago

I so badly wanted to love Alan Wake. I just couldn't stand having a narrator describe aloud, my every action and decision. I totally agree with what you're saying though. =)

1nsomniac2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

With my PlayStation being my main go to console I have to admit I think Alan Wake was one of the best games of this generation. So good I actually bought it twice once for my Xbox & again for my PC. I think I've completed it about 5 times now altogether.

Awesome game, never understood the hate for it!

I agree about the timing of the releases though there's a lot of staleness going on so anything a bit different will always do well as long as its half decent.

combatcash2010d ago

I loved both Alan wake and Heavy Rain, but lets be real here indigo prophecy was the same type of game not sure if any of you played it but it was pretty much the same experience as heavy rain.

I'm just glad they didn't give on those type of games


Stefanrules72010d ago

If you look at a lot of the most successful games of all time you will notice that most of them had something new that gdmes before it didnt

Stefanrules72010d ago

Lol i forgot to put underneath to not count games like cod

nolifeking2010d ago


Why? So your comment could make sense?

dcbronco2010d ago

N4G proves that people have read other peoples articles.

Why o why2010d ago

Some people like variety...

dcbronco2009d ago

And some people like articles about the article they read an hour ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.