Gaming With Baby

Emsey at GameGrin writes: "If you’re a parent reading this then you will know that having a child is a wonderful blessing and the life-changing impact that it causes is astounding. For a while, gaming goes out the window as routines are established (or not) and you adjust everything to accommodate your shiny new addition. But what happens once they are a little older (mine is now one) and you want to get back into gaming?"

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parksjdaniel2005d ago

nice one. just superb....

iNFAMOUZ12005d ago

i would never let my son play right at this very moment, much too young for his brain, these games are much too violent at his age

smashman982005d ago

My mom still thinks games are for babies the other day I was playing no more heroes and she said isn't about time you grew out of that and gave it to ur cousin (im 21 cousin is 4) so its cool 2 hear about a mom who plays games

nikrel2004d ago

Stay at home dad here. My wife is a Pharmacist working at Wal-Mart as a Pharmacy Manager.

Household is filled with gamers! Ranging from 3 - 31, Range of games from leapfrog to plants vs zombies to borderlands 2, puzzle games, education as well.

My son 4 requests games not be gory. So I either turn off the gore or just not play the game if he is watching, he understands games are not real everything is fake and there are no repawns in Real Life.

PvZ is an amazing game for kids imo builds strategic skills.

He knows all hit letters, does subtraction as well as addition. He really amazes me, his vocabulary is absurd, we never used baby talk and do not simplify anything, we explain the definition of the word instead.

My daughter is 3, she is on the same path he is for skills.

I do not know if I will ever be able to give up gaming, I quote it as " Interactive stories ".