10 Things The PS4 Is Missing At The Moment

"Sony have been rectifying the past with the PS4. Their announcement in February showed a developer more in touch with its developers and audience than ever before. That said, we're not the type to take good news at face value. Being the cynical lot that we are, we're always looking between the lines at what's missing rather than what's there. With that in mind, we bring together ten things that the PS4 is missing at the moment."

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SilentNegotiator2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I grew 10 of them, just for that purpose.

edit: Oh crap! I chose good timing to grow 10 hands; I'll need all of them to facepalm.

1. An improved User Interface
2. An ergonomic design
3. A decent price
4. A firm release date
5. PS4 Eye software
6. Decent triggers
7. 4K support for games
8. Proper backwards compatability
9. Loads of 3rd party exclusives
10. Used games clarification

Most of these are ridiculous or at least ridiculous for expecting them before E3.

Whitefeather2010d ago

The thing's not even out or even full announced and already criticism?

gameseveryday2010d ago

It's not criticism. It's a list of things that Sony needs to clarify on.

Whitefeather2010d ago

How about we just wait until after E3 to come up with a list of things Sony needs to clarify?

Saigon2010d ago

@Rashid Sayed

did you read the article, because that list only had 2 and maybe a possible that would count as things that are missing. most of the items on the list really just need a little clarification or want to be tested by the author. But the biggest eye sore is that the system wasn't completely revealed. i think by Sony giving us a taste of the system, they can squash the majority of rumors to stop people from speculating and giving out false details of their system. Great move; granted we want more clarification on some things, but the base concept of the system exist and is known.

UnholyLight2010d ago

I 100% agree with the triggers slide. Until I get my hands on a controller I won't really know but it seems they still aren't quite up to snuff. Xbox 360 controller triggers are triggers done perfectly.

itBourne2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Done perfectly for CoD heads. I dont want a full on trigger. Then again i always use r1 to shoot anyhow. I hate change lol. Ppl do use the buttons for other genres as well..

360ICE2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Agree with Rashid.

And btw, "needs to clarify" does not mean "needs to clarify now". Nor does "10 things PS4 is missing at the moment" mean "10 things the PS4 won't have" any more than it means "10 things we'll see from the PS4". This isn't criticism. It's just a statement of what we have yet to see.

Anyway, I thought Sony had already made official statements regarding used games. PS4 will support.

Personally I think the 360 triggers work best with shooters. What I'd like to see the most is concave PS3 triggers.

Toolster2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Crazy, it's not even out yet so how do you KNOW what's MISSING?

UnholyLight2010d ago


I am not a CoD head but whatever! I don't see how having Xbox 360 controllers could possibly only be good for shooters. I'd be really pissed off if these triggers on the PS4 controller still don't have enough of a concave surface for them to work well and be comfortable for long periods of play! The PS3 controller seemed like it was gonna be awesome but it was terrible and nobody wants to use R1 in shooters. It just doesn't make sense to be playing a shooter or racing game using a button and not a proper trigger..

Cant appeal to both crowds though as you said, people hate change, yet lots of people want change. You do one thing, people hate it, you do another, people hate it.

No disputing for me that the Xbox 360 controller is just way better for my hands! I just find the DS controller too small for my hands and I hate the symmetrical sticks too:p better get used to it though since Ima get a PS4 day 1

UnwanteDreamz2009d ago

Just buy some real triggers. 4$

I hope they don't go w a huge controler brick like 360. Looks like a Pelican knock off from early 2000.

UnholyLight2009d ago


Why don't you contribute something to the discussion that is actually meaningful. How can 4 people agree with your statement when this is what the Pelican controller looks like:

WTF are you talking about "the xbox 360 controller looks like the Pelican controller"

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ALLWRONG2010d ago

"The thing's not even out or even full announced and already criticism?"

So you guys have a problem with criticism now? Funny how you guys don't mind it when it's about Nintendo or Xbox.

Whitefeather2010d ago

When did I say I support one or the other? I would say the same for xbox if I frequented their articles.

SilentNegotiator2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Oh good comeback. EXCEPT...

1) Nintendo's 8th gen systems are already out. Why can't people criticize a released system?
2) Microsoft hasn't shown ANYTHING of their next system, and their own employees (and supposedly leaked documents) are making it sound very probable that their next Xbox will be online only.

Nice try, though.

ABizzel12009d ago

80% 0f this article is useless, and that's being generous.

Gamer Muzz2009d ago

I honestly felt like this is all stuff Sony should have told us the day of their announcement.
Seriously. Why make a new console announcement when you don't have a release date, price, games, or even console to show?
They said, "hey, we have a console coming out"
Then showed us some tech demos, very little actual development on PS4 games, and a controller.
The best games they showed were Current Gen and some were multiplatform.

Maybe I'm crazy but my thought is that We shouldn't have to wait to see this stuff. Sony should have waited to show it until they had a little more hammered out.

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mushroomwig2010d ago

'It isn't enough though'

This is coming from a person who has yet to even hold the controller, let alone use it to play the games with.

knifefight2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

You can't deny that it needs a sales boost though.

I mean, even the Wii-U is selling more than the PS4 right now.

I don't know ANYone who even has a PS4. Haven't even seen it in stores.
Let's face it, the thing needs help.

rextraordinaire2010d ago

Can't tell if you're joking or not... But, maybe you need to know the ps4 is not out yet?

That would explain why you don't know anyone who has one...


I sincerely hope you were joking.

JamieLeeC932010d ago

I'm pretty sure he was joking..

darren_poolies2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )


I know sarcasm is sometimes hard to get through writing but come one, seriously? Unless you are being sarcastic in which case I fail.

NCAzrael2010d ago


Bravo, good sir.

Seriously, though, this article is really nitpicking a bunch of stuff that isn't even an issue yet. Pretty much all of these things will be addressed in the coming months. Complaining about this stuff now is like complaining that there hasn't been a trailer for Avengers 2 yet.

And I don't see the problem with the triggers on the controller. You can easily tell from the photo they used in the article that there is a concave curve to the triggers.

KwietStorm2010d ago

Lmao ..

Cmon you'd have to be completely daft to not know he's joking.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2010d ago

@Rlacorne LOL on top of another LOL.

What have people come too. smh.. :/

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Majin-vegeta2010d ago

Dont feel like clicking through 10 damn pages.Anyone care to post them all at once?

SonyStyled2010d ago

here ya go bro. enjoy

1. An improved User Interface
2. An ergonomic design
3. A decent price
4. A firm release date
5. PS4 Eye software
6. Decent triggers
7. 4K support for games
8. Proper backwards compatability
9. Loads of 3rd party exclusives
10. Used games clarification

admiralvic2010d ago

Why does Sony need to clarify used games? According to the Eurogamer interview they confirmed it would, so that doesn't need to be clarified.

Also I don't see why 4k support is listed either. Currently the average (most?) people on this site / will buy a PS4 will not have a 4K TV till far into the future when they're cheaper.

DigitalRaptor2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

1. They showed some early screens of the Interface, so they only need to show the system's OS in depth when it comes to E3.

2. We've already heard positive things about the new DualShock 4 and how its design is more ergonomic. http://www.escapistmagazine... The console itself doesn't need any degree of ergonomics since it sits on your shelf or under your TV.

3. Okay, but I don't think this needs much clarifying, since Sony are not going to make the same mistake in pricing again. It will be decent, and I imagine with multiple SKU or subscription options.

4. Sure, but I think November 2013 is a given. Worldwide? yet to be clarified.

5. PS4 Eye software - sure if they're going to bring it out they need some supporting software, but I don't want to hear the arguments of people wanting software that only uses the camera, as we all know how awful that has always been. Hybrid or bust for me.

6. Already confirmed.

7. Already confirmed as not happening.

8. Not happening and we all know it. It will be Gaikai/streaming to a certain degree.

9. Square Enix will be doing something for sure. Otherwise this should be confirmed at E3 and the weeks following.

10. Already confirmed as not happening.

famoussasjohn2010d ago

7. 4K support for games

Not a lot of people have the type of money laying around just to buy a TV that supports 4K, nor do I see the necessity other than eating up a ton of power.

Serjikal_Strike2010d ago

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