Should Mobile Games Implement Different Graphics Settings Like PC Games?

The Koalition writes: "Obviously iOS development cannot adopt every aspect of PC gaming. Unlike PC gaming, we can’t simply put more RAM or a new graphics card into our phones. And considering Apple is bent on rapidly releasing more and more powerful devices, many gamers will have to wait until they can upgrade. And maybe my idea of designing app-store games with graphical settings won’t work across the board (we're not game designers); however, we hate the idea of some mobile gamers being able to miss out on excellent games like the popular Infinity Blade, or in this case, the newly released The Spookening just because technology won’t stop imitating Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights."

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Minato-Namikaze2010d ago

Who cares its a mobile phone. Anybody who uses it as their primary gaming doesnt really care about it.

SlavisH22010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

You should educate yourself in modern business practices. If they do this they widen the range of possible consumers by not limiting a title to specific hardware. Cell phone games have greatly evolved from basic Gameboy like titles to modern handle quality titles. The market is just larger and the tech has improved dramatically. There is a reason so many companies develop on phones and handhelds or skip handhelds all together, kid! DAMN!

Soldierone2009d ago

To be honest, there isn't a single game that needs this. There are not "console quality" games anywhere to be found. There are good looking titles, but not anything like consoles or even the Vita....

If they learned to manage their resources better, all these games would work fine on all kinds of phones.... I mean come on, phones have better specs than the original PSP at this point, yet the "older" ones can't even play similar titles? Why? Because the developers are too busy playing with the latest gadget.....

SilentNegotiator2010d ago

Why not? Mobile devices vary greatly. Even some flash games offer graphics settings, why not mobile games that actually cost money?

CEOSteveBallmer2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

The gaming indusrty doesn't need casual mobile games or whatever. Yes I play sometimes on a mobile device but its just to pass time. Mobile should not be considered your main gaming device unless your already happy with games like angry birds and temple run. its like a weed in a garden full of beautiful flowers. mobile gaming affects Core gaming to some extent. On core games yes you also pass time but atleast its your passion, your hobby, your interest. It's in the level of sports, books arts etc. I just wrote this so nobody would tell me core games also pass time blah blah. Theres a good reason you cant find console quality games like tomb raider, uncharted, God of war or gears on any mobile device especially smartphones. This is the realm of PC and consoles. Mobile gaming just joined for fun

Pillsbury12010d ago

I'm waiting for a Sony Xperia vita phone.

blackbirdi2010d ago

yes ACTUALLY MANY NEW games are using the setup option for graphics

SirBradders2010d ago

Very true i think some people create articles without researching these days.

NexGen2010d ago

Who cares? It's still a garbage mobile game.

I use my nexus 7 for work...why would I waste time playing junky, f2p cash shop games when I can come home to a massive screen, all the consoles, and a beast ass computer?

I have yet to see anything worth my time (final fantasy tactics on my ipad was ok before I got rid of the ipad) and doubt I will. Sure, bejeweled is alright, but I want real games like far cry, injustice, etc. Due to the controls, the marketing, the cheese and sub indie quality programming - forget it. They feel like roadside scam carnival games compared to the real thing.

Forget it.

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The story is too old to be commented.