The Kaz Hirai Interview

Next-Gen recently sat down for an exclusive interview with SCEA boss Kaz Hirai, to quiz him on the coming of PlayStation 3 and, specifically, the company's online strategy and why it doesn't have a name…

Just a month before the launch of the PlayStation 3 in the North American and the Japanese market, Hirai has pretty much all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Next-Gen asked him about the overall strategy, the online plans and SCEA's view of the competition…

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Scythesean6399d ago

Why couldn't he just answer the question? I want to know what service I will be having, will it be for sure free, will I have to make 30 different screen names to play each game? It's only a month away I want to know stuff...Oh well it's still going to be sweet.

omansteveo6398d ago

I was thinking the samething dude he answered nothing in that interview and trust me downloading movies an music wont be free and anthoer question is will we get those movies in HD i mean lets says they put out a 2hr movie at 720p thats a pretty big file, it sounds like a good i dea but i doubt we'll ever see it happen

Boink6398d ago (Edited 6398d ago )

he dodges the question because he doesn't know, but at least he has a "philosophy".

it's a month from launch kaz, we should know a lot more about your online service by now.

although if you read carefully on his doublespeak it makes sense:

"This is a platform that we are presenting to the publishing community. All the publishers will be able to take advantage of this and become a part of the online experience of our service. We are trying to offer as many options as possible, for example in the area of billing for the downloadable content if the publisher is a smaller publisher and they want to offer this kind of content, we can do the billing for them. On the other hand if they are a big publisher and they have their own billing system or strategy we can accommodate that business model as well. We are trying to be as flexible as possible and we are trying to match up with the business needs of all the publishers. "

so basically, the online service will be different for each publisher..I can see why they want it that way, it was such a huge success with the ps2.

peksi6398d ago

But the idea of integrating the network part as a part of the whole service sounds good. No need to have a separate Live if it's there all the time.

BIadestarX6398d ago

You mean like PayPal? for example, if you don't want to pay a fee and can get your own merchant account from a bank at a lower rate? Well these options may be good for the developers but under no circumstances is good for the gamers. The same goes on giving too many options to the developers to implement the online game play. Here is the reason why?
1) You will have to enter your payment information for each developer you want to purchase content from.
2) Each developer will have their own policy when it comes to downloadable content (i.e. you can only download the content x days after purchase, like they do now).
3) If not profitable to the developer, your game server may be shut down sooner to make room for other games or to force to buy their latest sequel.

It is obvious that Sony knows it is too expensive to built and maintain a centralize system like xbox live therefore is trying to find ways to come up with a solution to not look "too" bad. I hope they realize the nature of consoles. Consoles are not PC, and we don't want another PC, most of us have a computer anyways. The last thing we want is to have the same annoyances we have on the PC into our living rooms. Consoles managed to stay away from these by having a very controlled environment and rules that each individual developer has to follow. It seems like Sony is trying to break that. If they do, it may be a bad Idea. They will position themselves in a collision course against the PC. They may have a chance against the 360 but against the PC? Soon the PC will/is supporting the XBox 360 control, wheel, vision camera, maybe HD-DVD, games for windows, xna, directX 10, live Anywhere, etc. Microsoft is dying for Sony to do this. If you look closely at Microsoft strategy you will see that they are making the PC a high end Xbox, supporting everything the xbox 360 supports (including peripherals and service), eventually people will be able to say, “I can choose between the core, premium, and vista” vista being the best value.
Sony should stop trying to make the PS3 seem as a computer. This may sound like a good thing today, since the PS3 can be considered a high end computer. But in 1-2 years the PC will surpass the PS3 in hardware and will make it seem obsolete. And if the PS3 is a computer who's going to want an obsolete computer 1-2 years from now?
I know sony fanboys will disagree with this, but most people don't like to hear the truth.

4me26398d ago

I have always been kind of PC enthusiast if it comes to games. About 12 months ago I have built my another gaming PC
MB: A8N SLI Deluxe
3 Gb of Corsair Twinx
It cost me a lot and 12 moths later is an average system ..... to upgrade to Core 2 Duo I would need new motherboard, memory and CPU.
PC gaming is costly and if you wont to be on TOP you would need to spend at least few hundreds $ a year and please do not tell me that you can buy $700 computer for any serious gaming.

From my point of view PS3 offers good value since I can use as a PC (Linux is not as much resources hungry like MS OS is ), HD DVD player and play games on it.

If you can afford high end gaming PC don't complaint about console prices because for the same money you could buy 2 XBOX 360 and 2 PS3. Also I'm any console fanboy. Few months ago I bought PS2, XBOX and GC (it was first time in my life I bought a console). Now I'm getting PS3, later on Wii and 360.