Wii U vs Xbox 720 vs PS4: The Rise of The Game Legends

Did Nintendo imagine that gamers would worry about the 3DS future just before the Xbox 720 and PS4 is set to arrive? No matter what it thought, we know that Nintendo Wii U started only steadily akin to the tortoise of the hare and tortoise story.

However, slow and steady indeed seems to be signs of a winner. Despite a dip in price just months after its arrival the Nintendo Wii U has finally got its groove.

Amid disappointment and raised eyebrows, it has finally strengthened its hold on the market. In fact, our sources report that the 3DS game sale figures could even soar above the 20 million mark in the US. This figure covers only the physical sales—the digital tale is worth an epic narration altogether. Against the 3DS sales last year, the prevailing figures spell a 55 per cent hike—both for the digi and physical niches!

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BullyMangler2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

its funny how fanboys will pit Nintendo with the rest.

Like putting Michael Jackson up against Usher and Bieber.

B-radical2010d ago

Whats wrong with justin beiber?

NukaCola2009d ago

Justin Bieber goes for hot girls kike Selena Gomez. Michael Jackson went for guys who look like Justin Bieber.

Any way, Wii U isn't doing good because Nintendo is putting the big winners on 3DS. PS4 has proven worthy. Now we are waiting to see where Microsoft is going next generation.

2010d ago
ichimaru2009d ago

Type louder they can't hear you!

cyberninja2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Ps4, PC and Wii U for me. MS can f..k off. I want Sega to come back!!!

Animavicion2010d ago

sorry, but I prefer that "sega" share the creations without fear of failure.

Dlacy13g2010d ago

@cyberninja.... take those consoles and pc and chuckem in the trash! Atari 2600 for the win! 8bit bliss can't be beat!

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The story is too old to be commented.