Battlefield 4 pre-order reservations available at Target

Retailer Target is having their own Battlefield 4 pre-order, where you can pre-order (or “reserve”) the game for just one dollar, and get a $5 gift card in return. As with all Battlefield 4 pre-orders, if you get the game now you’ll get free access to the Drone Strike expansion pack — the very first Battlefield 4 DLC.

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MooseWI2010d ago

Want to see a little something more from DICE before putting forth my money.. I loved Battlefield 3 but as a FPS in this time and age, a little innovation will be needed to capture more of the market.

FarCryLover1822010d ago

No thanks, I'll wait until I can pre-order for next-gen.

Rearden2010d ago

If it comes out... Hopefully it will.

2006d ago