A Look At Soul Sacrifice Japanese DLC Monsters

Here's a quick look at the DLC we can expect to see in the near future for Soul Sacrifice. So far Japan has had two DLC drops featuring 4 monsters and a new arena and game mode.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2101d ago

Wow free DLC now that's something I can support without hesitation. Actually rewarding people that buy the game instead of taking things from them and selling it separately.

Kalowest2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

I pre-ordered mean already to get all the bonus stuff, mainly for the free JP original voice over DLC.

HarryMasonHerpderp2101d ago

The japanese voice over DLC is really lame.
The fact that you have to preorder it or you have to buy it after release is just dumb.

PeaSFor2101d ago


awwwwwwwww, dont be mad, thats not like you had the choice to preorder.....

live with your choices and assume them.

im preordering it because the demo sold me the game AND because i can get the JP voices if i do, nobody is forcing me to get the jp voices pack..... BUT I WANT TO.

its that simple brah.

HarryMasonHerpderp2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Yeah because having to preorder something or then pay to get an option for a different language is an awesome idea. Yeah that's the future of gaming right there awesome idea brah. Something we should all get behind. You know they could of just put it in the game since the option was already there but that would make too much sense. You heard Square Enix did it for the new Tomb Raider reboot? yeah people have to pay for the Japanese language in that game because Square Enix patched it out of the game. Who cares though right? we don't have to pre order the game so it's okay brah.

PeaSFor2100d ago

like i said its up to you to decide what you want to do with your life, preorder if you want it, if not then assume your choices.

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guitarded772101d ago

Okay... please be gentle. I have been anticipating this game since it was announced. Waited impatiently through the delayed store update just to download the demo. Since playing it... I'm not anticipating it anymore. I'm sure I'm "missing something" that is clear to everyone else, but I just didn't enjoy the demo. I'm not saying it isn't going to be a good game, but I just really didn't see what all the fuss is about.

dedicatedtogamers2101d ago

What didn't you like about it? It's a "hunting game" which isn't a genre for everyone. Of course, not everyone is going to like the game, but wsa there something in particular you hated?

jujubee882101d ago

The depth on the weapons system and leveling up is really fantastic (even on the demo where things can only be unlocked in the full version).

It's really great IMHO. ^^

guitarded772101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

The dialog (especially the opening dialog) was laughable IMO. The combat is okay, but switching spells/weapons is so slow that it makes combat feel like a chore. The game feels like it has no direction... just "BAM" here you are... no fine story line. It's just not fun to play IMO, and the story feels very dis-conjoined.

Like I have said, this is my opinion, I was just sharing it to see if I'm alone, or if someone can tell me what makes the game so great. I like MH and Ragnarok (both have issues too), and I don't hate SS, I just haven't seen what all the hype is about. But yeah, just wanted to have a discussion with some mature gamers about it, so maybe some could shed some light on it for me.

PS: I didn't disagree with either of you... I enjoy the conversation.

KrisButtar2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

the only thing I disliked about the demo was that there was no equipment(gloves,hats,shirts) to add a little more depth but the signals you add to your arm do the kinda thing equipment would have done. I do hope we get more appearence choices though with the full game.

but the book reminds me of the book from evil dead and army of darkness which is awesome

Edit, i didnt dissagree either, just talking aboout this awesome game, that i have to wait for

dedicatedtogamers2101d ago

@ guitarded77

Huh. It surprises me that you say switching spells feels slow, because I thought it was just like using a heavy weapon in Monster Hunter (like the Greatsword or Gunlance). I do think it takes some getting used to, and the first few battles suck, but I definitely think the game has some legs. The dialog was dumb, I agree, but I thought the "Lore" section was fascinating. This is, after all, a hunting game. Most don't have a story worth mentioning.

@ KrisButtar
The full game does have a lot more clothing options. I was looking up videos of later bosses (in the Japanese version, which is already out) and the player had unlocked 10 more costumes for male/female each.

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OnionsOnTheOutside2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

What I don't understand is so many people are over reacting about the voice acting, I have heard far worse and it even isn't bad at all.

I feel just because one journalist says that everyone follows suit. Nothing more because other than the books voice being compared to the Japanese, that is about all I could say voice wise that could change. As I just think the Japanese voice for the book fit it better but it still doesn't bother me that much.

You also know that you get the Japanese voices with pre-order? Who knows they might even be downloadable later on afterwards.

Another thing I really do not get about your statement is you like Ragnarok Odyssey but you don't like this game? I think you using your skills slowly depends more on your willingness to learn them and their placements just like any aspect of an MMO. You will be slow at first because you need to memorize or come up with skill sets that work for you.

So if you think it's slow compared to RO, I highly disagree, you just don't seem like your are taking the time to get used to it.

Also about the story, this game has a complete story and lore built around it. Did you even bother reading the lore? Because it translates into how you perceive the story, surprising it makes you want to keep reading the book further.

I actually love how simply the story is presented, almost like a living comic book. I think it is brilliant.

I personally don't understand how you could stand RO though and not put up with SS, maybe you just enjoy easier to pick up games? I love RO also but SS has so much more to offer, RO barely has a story with any depth. I mean RO is exactly how you described SS.. Which is funny to me.

RO really doesn't have a direction other than killing those giants. RO literally is just BAM, your on next mission without really anything ever in between and when there is any dialog it really isn't worth remembering.

I can understand you thinking it is slow because I wasn't used to SS at first either but once I took the time to get a feel for it and just practiced on some maps coming up with skill sets that worked best for me.. I have no problem with the game speed wise, it can be just as fast as RO if not faster in my opinion.

I mean the game isn't going to be for everyone. I just find your reasoning for not liking the game weird because you are able to play and enjoy games that really aren't doing much more other than MH. RO is super fun but I can't even put it in the same league as SS or MH. RO is very different.

To each their own, I just think some people aren't really giving the game a full chance since it is something a little different and has a different way to play than normally known.

beakeroo12101d ago

I have to agree on the RO comparison. I love RO, so much that I have bought it twice so far (Asian version and then the EU version) but even the SS demo feels like a more complete game. RO was lacking in two vital areas - story and originality. I felt at times like I was playing one of the older MH titles (which was great) but SS is so very fresh. I've never played more than half hour of a demo before. I have sunk 15+ hours into SS so far, I can't get enough.

WeAreLegion2101d ago

You think Soul Sacrifice is slow? Try Monster Hunter. It's ten times slower... Seriously. It's the reason I hate it. Absolutely terrible gameplay mechanics. Ugh. Soul Sacrifice is a god-send!

dragonyght2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

"The dialog (especially the opening dialog) was laughable IMO"

-the intro was a bit lol maybe there's lost in the Japanese translation. but the rest was pretty good.
it unfold like reading a book didn't find laughable about it, i though it was pretty great maybe its a matter preference.

"The combat is okay, but switching spells/weapons is so slow that it makes combat feel like a chore."

-lol, no it only take 1 sec to switch between spell, any more than that you just need more practice. its pretty simple really its all depend on memorization of which spell is in which slot and how fast you can react to a boss action. after questing a couple time you will able to use specific spell in any situation on reflex with no problem. and it also help that preset gear save for specific boss or quest.

"The game feels like it has no direction... just "BAM" here you are... no fine story line. It's just not fun to play IMO, and the story feels very dis-conjoined"

-there's a story for those who want a story. it sound you skim trough it and not paying attention. and also don't forget its only a demo. it doesnt have a middle or a ending it a bit unfair to judge a story on the prologue along.

it seem to me that your mind already set about the game i doubt anybody could convince you, i for one liked what i seen so far the story and the lore of soul sacrifice.

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Rezka2101d ago

Today I went to the store and bought me an amazon card to prepare myself to purchase this amazing game

beakeroo12101d ago

Why has somebody disagreed with nearly every comment here? Pathetic turd.

Rezka2101d ago

lol yeah I dont understand either

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