Do you want to play FIFA 14 now ?

Do you want to play FIFA 14 now ? EA are looking for people to play test the new FIFA and you can be chosen. Find what do you have to do.

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Sandmano2006d ago

I do but not worth a trip to the Uk. This is for UK only also what kind if title is that? Teasing us in thinking its a beta as everybody will most lightly assume.

"Uk testers wanted by EA to test FIFA" would have sufficed...

Lior2006d ago

I live in London but I would not go all the way to wherever to play it.

Dungus2005d ago

To be fair, everyone that owns Fifa 13 is sort of already playing it.

US8F2005d ago

Even David Rutter said making a yearly release is daunting. They are adding a new
Menu system and a few tweaks here and there and giving them a few big names like
Pure shot, for example. Bunch of gimmicks if you ask me

You know
PES had a good game on their hands in the ps2 era but the lack of compatibility
of their engine to the current gen is what made their games questionable. However, they
have been tweaking the fox engine for two years to run soccer games and if they get it
right in PES 14, they are well positioned, going forward in this current and future
generation consoles. Going by the Edge magazine, they state a lot of things, amongst
them animation more fluid than FIFA.

kudakadere2005d ago

This is stupid , why not just have a BETA , that way there's more feed back from a broader range of people , if it works for Uncharted , Halo and Gears why not Fifa .

ZodTheRipper2005d ago

Probably because people would see that it's the same game as last year before they bought it.

chcolatesnw2005d ago

Then why they have demos 2 weeks before release date? Your logic is flawed