IGN Review: Splinter Cell Double Agent

After a long wait, the much anticipated new Splinter Cell game is here, and IGN has a review. It doesn't dissapoint.

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speed5897d ago

I've been looking forward to this one. Not surprised to see a glowing review for it. I've never been disappointed by any SC game this will be no exception.

omansteveo5897d ago

I'm so pumped for this game and a 9.0 from ign is awesome they review really harshly at times im glad to see they loved it

Nodoze5897d ago

The frame rate has issues (why is this all to common on the 360), and the single player game is only 8 to 10 hours in lenght?? Is this so that the devs can release map packs and charge us for more content?

I think this title holds promise, but a short single campaign, and frame rate issues puts me squarely on the fence. This 'next generation' of gaming appears to be one of nickel and diming the gamers. I hope I am wrong here, bu it does not appear so.

Expect a map pack release in the next 3 months for 12 bux or so (just like with GRAW).

frostbite065897d ago

Framerate. Who cares. Just wait for Splinter Cell 5. It will be made from the ground up for the 360

zypher5897d ago

then you're saying i shouldn't bother with Splinter Cell 4?

power of Green 5897d ago

This guy's a Sony fanboy never mind what he has to say; he's just venting because he's angry from the good news. He don't even have the console

zypher5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

um, since you didn't specify what guy you're talking about i'm just gonna assume it wasn't me.

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Mikey_Gee5897d ago

I was TOTALLY STOKED about this game ... THEN ... I played that horid DEMO.

Not only was it to damn dark, but the graphics did not do much for me either. The one thing that really caught my eye was the mussle flashed ... they looked terrible.

For those who have the game .... is the DEMO just a bad demo or is this what I can expect "IF" I was to buy the game???

The fact it was scored so high tells me the Demo MAY NOT be a good guide to judge by.

Myself, I did not see any framrate issues.

If it is .. I will save my money for a different title.

Dusk5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

are not necessarily comprised of the final build. Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not. I would never completely judge a game from its demo.

That being said, the videos I've seen look really good. Maybe not GoW good, but pretty frickin' good. I have never been dissapointed by a Splinter Cell game and the fact that this game has gotten all nines so far on its first three reviews doesn't surprise me.

What also reinforces this is that one of the reviews is from IGN, who are notoriously harsh on 360 games. If they give it a 9, then you know it's got to be good.

As far as framerate drops, I'll have to play it for myself first. I've played some games which had garnered complaints about framerate issues and I thought the framerates were a complete non-issue. I guess it just depends on how picky you are. Although I have noticed some games with major issues, others that people complained about I thought were fine. Personally, I can't wait to pick this game up tomorrow.

zypher5897d ago

i haven't even beaten Chaos Theory yet, so i know i'm gonna wait for this one. may get it sometime in December. great score, though i didn't read the entire review. i hope what nodoze says isn't true...that the single-player game is only 8-10 hours? if so then i probably will wait a bit, until Ubisoft release some extra maps, missions etc. via Live.

Nodoze5897d ago

Here is a snip from the IGN review:

Lasting Appeal
The single-player game is about 8-10 hours; but you'll want to play it again. The 3-on-3 MP mode is more accessible than Chaos Theory's co-op mode and is progressively more fun.

We will need to wait for an end user review, but that was from IGN.

Grown Folks Talk5896d ago

i still play chaos theory myself. if you wanna bust out some co-op online, look me up. my gamertags are OUgroundGAME or BaldSamFisher.

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