Played the game now watch the Defiance TV show? - CramG

A TV show and MMO game to go hand in hand but is the TV show actually worth investing time in.

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RaidensRising2006d ago

TV show was nothing special. I won't be going out of my way to see episode 2. Something for catch up methinks.

lashes2ashes2006d ago

The show is far from super good. But it's way better than the game at this point. I really hope they make some better less generic missions.

Soldierone2006d ago

The game isn't great, but it's better than the show. The show felt even more generic and dumb, won't bother watching another episode.

AO1JMM2006d ago

The show is pretty goodbut the FX and CGI needs work.

WalterWJR2006d ago

The show has potential but 2bh it should have been as good as battlestar galactic. Something did not quite work for me but we shall see.

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