The UEFA Champions Festival will run PlayStation Stadium

The UEFA Champions Final Wembley 2013 is nearly here!

To mark its arrival in London, The UEFA Champions Festival will run from 23 to 26 May and we've created our own space there, PlayStation Stadium

Come down and play our games, play football and win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final itself!

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US8F4081d ago

Good idea by Sony. The second biggest sporting event in the world ( first is the world cup) and all would be watching that final!. Except those who are not interested in soccer

BlackCarrot4081d ago

It's a huge game, I don't think Americans quite realise just how massive it is even with all the English sides knocked out.

Playstation is also plastered all over the group stages but, as a football person before a gamer, I think European football needs to be scaled down.

fantasygamer4081d ago

The picture for this article is cute.


Final Fantasy 9 Remake Wish List

With its existence looking more and more likely, there are several points the Final Fantasy 9 remake should hit to ensure it was worth the wait.

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Terry_B37m ago

Make it an actual remake of the game and not a reboot of the first hours of the game just to release the next hours some years later and nothing of it feels like FF9 actually aside from the same characters and locations used.

solideagle8m ago

I just hope they don't divide into trilogy please...Full game from start to finish? Maybe in 2 parts maximum?


New gameplay shared for Snow Bros. Wonderland coming to PS4 PS5 & Switch

Bundle up!

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Rainbowcookie14h ago

If this doesn't have the original soundtrack in a rock flavor then it's a real missed opportunity

Xeofate13h ago

I'm going to get the Xbox version.

Chocoburger8h ago

According to the trailer, its not on Xbox. So he's either joking or an ignorant fool.

Bathyj8h ago

Pretty sure he was joking, as was I.


Cameron Monaghan's Surprising Journey to Star Wars: The Unplanned Audition that Led to Cal Kestis

Discover how Cameron Monaghan unexpectedly became Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, from a secretive audition to an iconic Jedi role.

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Notellin11h ago

He would kill it with a show or trilogy based around the character or some other story that involves Cal Kestis. Currently the best thing about Star Wars.

Demetrius6h ago

Ok now I get it, he is the guy from gotham lol I'm like no wonder he cal looks like jerome 🤣 dude is a good actor fasho