Terraria PC To Be Updated To Version 1.2 With Huge Content, Console Content Won't Be Added

DSOGaming writes: "In an updated Reddit FAQ, CR4ZY0WN3R and Terraria’s creator Redigit have revealed some new interesting information about the PC and the console versions of Terraria."

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IaMs122006d ago

Ill believe when i see it.

hellvaguy2006d ago

O ye of little faith. You didn't see yourself born, how do you even know that your real?

Gh05t2006d ago

Because he can see the result every day now... hence the "when I see it." If you don't see it day one but see it day 1092 you still know it happened after seeing it.

SatanSki2006d ago

Being too optimistic instead of realistick makes life easier but dont do any good to the real world.

IaMs122006d ago

I understand about being optimistic and having some faith but he has promised stuff before and has failed to deliver. So when he delivers on what he says then by all means awesome! I'm not getting my hopes up just in case again.

hellvaguy2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )


Sorry, but you don't make any sense at all. Just because you didn't see something made, or see something later on, still doesn't mean it isn't true.

I've read about things or have heard about things, without seeing them, that I believe are true. Kind of egotistical to think only the things you've "seen" in your little life, are the only things that are real.

Motorola2005d ago

What are you even talking about

Gh05t2006d ago

This was one of those games which started off nice and simple and then they over complicated it with new content and now it doesn't hold the fun for me anymore.

I know I am probably in the minority on this I just like some games to remain simplistic.

rextraordinaire2006d ago

Well it's still quite simplistic. What you can do now that you couldn't before doesn't stop you form doing all those things you did before.

Nothing stops you from building houses and castles out of wood and cap yourself at hellstone tier equips. You don't -have- to rescue the mechanic girl and play with wires. And wall of flesh will never summon itself unless you trigger it.

They even left the option for simple lighting without all the pretty colors! :)

Gh05t2006d ago

"What you can do now that you couldn't before doesn't stop you form doing all those things you did before."

I never said it STOPPED me from doing anything I said I stopped being fun (for me) as they added more and more.

Godmars2902006d ago

I really don't get this offer you product to new customers and markets, then turn right round and purposely snub them. And that goes double for when it happens to old customers.

contradictory2006d ago

....still not available on EU Psn...
i heard it's due to "approval process from SCEE"'s the same game on us psn...
there's no difference...where's the pedestrian?
i want to punch him again!

Angrymorgan2006d ago

I know, getting tired of waiting for it now, is there no official explanation why?

Moncole2006d ago

Its good they are giving people who made the game what it is extra content.