Why Always-Online isn’t the future

Is Always-on: Progress or Useless?

Alex from NoobFeed doesn't see this future of gaming for a long while. The only way he sees this becoming the near future is if companies keep pushing it and we the gamers decide not to react.

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Knight_Crawler2011d ago

Why people stopped caring about this topic about 300 articles ago -_-

AmayaAi2011d ago

People won't stop crying about this until it stops.

PKKHaseo2011d ago

If you hadn't noticed Ubisoft came out and said a few days ago that people are ready for always on. So apparently 300+ articles against always-on isn't enough. And you should permanently care about bs like this or you're gonna get fcked over by the companies.

DragonKnight2011d ago

The irony is that Ubisoft started this B.S. with Assassin's Creed 2 on PC and stopped using it after they were destroyed by the workarounds hackers came up with. For them to say people are ready for it suggests they will use it again, it also suggest that Ubisoft join the rest of the dumbass corporations that think anyone likes always-on.

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DragonKnight2011d ago

@edonus: Yes we can. If we don't buy any always-online games or always-online consoles, they'll lose money and have no choice but to remove that DRM.

MikeMyers2011d ago

Not if all publishers start implementing it. Sony has already adopted online passes so we are already half way there.

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Donnieboi2011d ago

Yeah seriously, how many always-online articles can one make, and still come up with an original reason for why it's bad, in a way that the other 1 million articles before it haven't already thought of.

We get it. Always-Online doesn't benefit gamer's in any way. No, not one. So if 720 has it, then I won't buy 720. Now, let us move on.

DragonKnight2011d ago

Look, if people stop voicing dislike for it, then the companies like EA or MS will take it that people are used to the idea and more accepting. It can never be stopped until they get it. No one wants it.

JBSleek2011d ago

It's the future. Possibly not the near future but the future non the less.

annus2011d ago

It really isn't. Everything is leaning more towards open source and giving the consumer what they want, not going the DRM and forcing the user into set pieces. The future of many games will be free, moddable games, and for that to occur the consoles are going to have to be opened up eventually.

Now think about this: An open source console where many games are free, that aren't plagued with DRM and always-online features, compared to a console that is completely locked down and swarmed with DRM. I know which one many people will go for.

There are ways to compete against piracy and hacking, always-online is not one of them.

stage882011d ago

I won't buy an always online console. Simple as that.
And many more think the same.

L0YD2011d ago

Need another article called "why should I stop making always online articles"

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