Playing 'Dishonored: Knife Of Dunwall' In The Wake Of 'BioShock Infinite'

Forbes - Dishonored and BioShock Infinite take two very different approaches to game design in spite of some of the games’ similarities.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2101d ago

I thought dishonoured was a much better game than Bioshock Infinite. I enjoyed every second of that game and just bought the DLC, Bioshock though I'm struggling to finish it because I'm so bored. Iv'e started to play the original Bioshock again just to see the difference and in my opinion Bioshock 1 is an absolute masterpiece and a heck of a lot better than infinite.

Salooh2101d ago

I enjoyed dishonoured more too but bioshock infinite is still a good game though. It just focused on story more then gameplay...

HarryMasonHerpderp2101d ago

Thing is though I'm not even enjoying the story.
I am trying to like it but the whole thing doesn't interest me at all. I think columbia is a boring world too and enemies like the patriot are just bland and boring to fight. I know I'm in the minority and most people love it but I'm just not impressed at all. Rapture though had me hooked from the start all the way to the end.

Salooh2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Maybe if you finished the game you will understand why i said it focused on story :).I had the same feeling at first too and i thought it's because my mind was thinking about something else. But when i got the platinum i felt like i enjoyed it. I had the same feeling for other games lately. Just like what you said it's not as interesting as bioshock 1 in it's time. But ending it made me feel good..

Same happened for hitman and tomb raider. But i loved mgr, dishonoured and far cry 3. It's a mystery to me when i think about it now lol

dedicatedtogamers2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Dishonored - in my mind - was Bioshock 3. It did lack a "would you kindly?" moment, but the characters, the atmosphere, the freedom, the powers, the choice in combat, the multiple endings and multiple ways to handle a all felt like a natural evolution of what Bioshock 1 and 2 were doing. Currently doing my 4th playthrough of Dishonored before I tackle the DLC.

Bioshock Infinite felt like a vanity project, not a true sequel.

HarryMasonHerpderp2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

That's exactly how I feel, especially the whole "vanity project" thing. That's a great way to describe it. I feel like I'm an imposter when I play infinite and the game is annoyed at me for wanting to play it instead of watch it. I never felt connected to the world or characters it's like if I wasn't there the story would just tell itself and it's like here's a bunch of enemies shoot them, you happy now? right now let's get back to the self indulgent story.

joab7772101d ago

I didn't. If a game results in articles like these and so many others, it must have done something right. My goodness, because of this game everyone is questioning and thinking about every minute aspect. This is great for the industry. Yeah, Bioshock suffers from a lot of what 99% of games out there do, especially fps games. Levine himself said that its ironic that u have to make a shooter so it will make enough money to allow him to make this type of game. Its very odd but everyone had attacked the combat while only ever comparing it to bioshock or very high expectations.

Now, it is quite obvious that the majority of the time spent on infiniye eas spent on environment, story and Elizabeth. And I think Elizabeth took so much time and effort that the combat wasn't revolutionized. But instead of praising them for pushing the envelope with story, environment (u can argue that there are a handful of better environments but that's it) and the incredible AI with elizabeth, we tear them apart for combat that is still better and more fun than the majority of games today.

Yes, I hav some dissappointments but they exist simply because I see the canvas that was painted on and how marvelous it was and wish it could be a bit better. But I will bet anything that Irrationals entire vision wasn't fully realizef either b/c of money, time or tech. At one point they were gonna scratch elizabeth altogether.

I agree that its as if there are so many great ideas but because of length or linearity or story, it comes up a little short. I use skylines and want more. I fight handymen and want to see and know more. And of course songbird. Maybe they would have fared better picking a few with more interaction. U grew close to big daddies because u encountered them often.

But time is kind. The original Bioshock was epic but i found myself searching every nook and cranny for money and plasmid salts...or whatever. My experience in both was quite similar because I never used vita chamber. I played on at least hard and attacked every encounter the same. I tried to perfect it without wasting ammo etc. Now the one thing that stood out in B1 & 2 was the canera and video camera because it forced u to do things perfectly.

In conclusion, columbia was no less inspired than rapture with loot everywhere. Infinites story was infintely better (though Bioshock is one of my favorite games ever and the story was spoiled for me so that says something). Anyway IMO, they both excel in different areas and while infinite pushed boundaries in areas it wasn't in the pure fps so many gamers were upset. It didn't fully come together and maybe there were just too many characters for such a short journey. But, its lowest point is better than most games' best.

I loved Dishonored but with Bioshock having been my favorite game, I felt it lacked something.

listenkids2101d ago

Dishonored fell short of what I hoped it would be since before it was formally announced, not that it's a bad game, the mechanics are ok, the stealth is weak and the story is predictable, I had some fun but didn't get the freedom to play how I wanted to play.

The DLC looks interesting with some fixes and new ideas, we'll see.

stuntman_mike2101d ago

actually going back to dishonored after playing bioshock has made me forgot how much i liked dishonored. infinite is a good game but i like dishonored better even tho they are not the same type of game.

lovegames7182101d ago

I'm glad the comparisons are being made. When BioShock was first receiving its high reviews I was one of the first to say that dishonored was a better first person action game then you had idiots blabbing out the mouth thy can't be compared saying they couldn't be compared because they werev two different type of games smh. The only difference is that in Dishonored you can stealth it but you can also justb straight run and gun action if you want.

In any case like in have mentioned many times before IMO Dishonored art style, atmosphere, world, combat system and weapons amongst other things trumps BioShock. infinite. I enjoyed Dishonored way more and whoever says they can't be compared is an idiot.

dedicatedtogamers2101d ago

The people saying "they can't be compared" were nervous about Dishonored beating Bioshock at its own game. After all, Dishonored did all of the "Bioshock"-ish things far better than Infinite, other than the story.

People didn't want them compared because they wanted to believe Infinite is a masterpiece with no flaw. In reality, it has less in common with what made Bioshock 1 and 2 so good compared to Dishonored, which is a shame.

grayfoxx8812101d ago

Just finished Dishonored last night. Great game. I think I prefer it to Infinite. I enjoyed the story, and I liked the stealth mechanics. Went for the low chaos ending, will go for high chaos on my second playthrough after I finish all the dlc. Looking forward to a sequel.

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