PS4 needs a better PlayStation Store - Here's 10 ways to start

PSU writes:

"These lofty initial goals leave the PlayStation Store's current state looking something like a disaster. Between freezes, patches, unresponsive menus, and an interface that makes finding old content harder than ever, it's hard to believe that the new Store is any kind of improvement over the old . . . they better make damn sure that PlayStation 4 sees serious upgrades to the PlayStation Store. Here are 10 suggestions, for starters:"

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dorron2102d ago

IMO the old store was way better than the new one, faster and easier to find things. Now, I don't use the store from PS3, I just use it from my laptop browser.

dedicatedtogamers2101d ago

Agreed. The new store is so laggy. I don't understand why Sony had to change the layout. It takes three times longer to load up, and three times longer to find anything.

dorron2101d ago

The worst part of it is they do know it but won't go back to the previous store...

banjadude2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Also, for me at least, I liked the "blueness" of the old store.

ABizzel12101d ago


I think a fusion of the two would be better, 80% like the old store 20% like the new store.

As you said the old store was significantly faster, and easier to find things.

But the new browser advertises games and content much better, and it's nice having a top 10 list so people can see what's being bought on PSN.

The new store wouldn't be as bad if it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow.

kenna9992102d ago

It wont do anything the last 2 days I've been on it

Wintersun6162102d ago

You know something's wrong when your Store has FPS issues...

DOMination-2101d ago

And every time i log in i have to download and install a patch/update. It took me 5 mins to redeem a code the other week.

I am covinced the ps4 store will be better. Sony are working hard to fix oddities like this and theyve impressed me in recent months

kreate2102d ago

It doesnt matter if u give suggestions.
Sony went wrong with 2 things for me, the ps store and changing ps home.
Both were upgraded, but its worse than before.

For ps home, how can u get rid of central?
I want my benches back.
For ps store, how can u replace the old blue store for this piece of crap?

Knight_Crawler2101d ago

They took away central...have not been on Home for about 3 years but the central area of Home was the best part for me and loved meeting up with people in dance area.

Is home still in Beta?

kreate2101d ago

Last time I checked, yes.
And I know exactly what u mean w central plaza of ps home.

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