10 Ouya games actually worth playing

Ouya, the Android-powered indie console that stormed Kickstarter is finally here. The very first batches are on their way to backers who funded the project on the crowdsourcing website, with a much wider retail launch coming in June. Launch games can make or break a console, but luckily, this upstart little box has plenty, with over 100 titles available already. Thinking of picking one up in place of a PS4 or a Nintendo Wii U? Here are the ten best you need to play.

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Timesplitter142099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Honestly I think Ouya looks great and I like the concept but I really doubt it will succeed or even survive a year.

I don't think the average mainstream gamer will be interested in this. There's also the fact that it'll probably have no exclusives

Transporter472099d ago

"10 Ouya games actually worth playing that could also be played on your phone"

Bimkoblerutso2099d ago

Yeah, that's why I didn't back it on Kickstarter. And to be perfectly honest, I am increasingly more comfortable with that decision.

MNGamer-N2099d ago

This looks like garbage. These games look terrible, and it is the top 10 list? I'll pass.

Hazmat132099d ago

they should have added more power to the ouya so its something you cant get on phones yet but its not next gen tech. kinda like the piston but without the huge price tag.