DayZ Bandit Hunting Video Takes A Startling Turn

Gaming Blend "The biggest social experiment in video games over the past ten years has strangely culminated into the mod-based, apocalyptic survival game from Arma 2 called DayZ. There's no game out there that tells stories like the ones found in DayZ, and a new video that starts off following a group of bandit hunters, turns into a completely different thing by the time it all wraps up."

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Trunkz Jr2011d ago

Your not too good are you... Never 3rd person hip fire, before you started the rampage you unloaded on 1, you only needed 1 bullet to the head, then you could of gone nuts.

RedSoakedSponge2009d ago

i agree. he should have M9SD them all in the head while they were distracted.

still a fun video nonetheless (Y)