GWN Review: Super Smash Bros Brawl

One of the most anticipated Wii games of all time is finally here. But does it live up to its astronomically high expectations?

One of the most jam-packed video games ever in terms of modes, unlockables, features, characters, levels, etc. You name it, Brawl has it in spades; Better balanced roster; Subspace Emissary, Classic Mode, Events, Home Run Contest, Multi Man Melees, and much improved AI make single player much more enjoyable than it ever was; Awesome new characters and stages; Improved air dodging system brings a new and interesting dimension to the fighting system; You can finally play Smash Brothers online.

While you can play it online, it's a very shoddy online mode.

Final Verdict
What else can I say other than you simply owe it to yourself to buy this game and treat yourself to one of the greatest multiplayer gaming experiences of all time. The only thing that stops me from giving it a perfect score is the not so perfect online mode.

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