Lost Planet images

Capcom released this whole lot of images of Lost Planet, as always looking incredible.

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videl5887d ago

i hope this game will have better graphics on the ps3.

TheMART5887d ago

haha you're funny. You may hope, but it'll only turns out to be a wet dream:

1. It's secured as an XBOX Exclusive, unlike DMC4 that will come to 360.
2. The graphics are so freaking good, nothing on PS3 seen up till now makes it
3. Let alone the damn fine online multiplayer like nothing on the not excisting PSP network non unified grabbed together x-fire and other 3rd party yet to be included networks.

You'd be better of buying a 360 if you ever want to play it. Or like Ninja Gaiden, you might get it in years from now, when 360 owners will play Lost Planet 2!

no_more_heroes5887d ago

better graphics THAN the PS3? Because this isn't coming to the PS3.