Batman Meets Metroid In Arkham Origins Blackgate

GI:We’re spending all month shining the spotlight on Batman: Arkham Origins, but this month also brought word of another game in the Arkham fiction. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate serves as an accompaniment to the console game from Warner Bros. Games Montreal. Designed by the team at Armature, Blackgate is a 2.5D Metroid-style game coming to Vita and 3DS that sends the Dark Knight swooping through the corridors of the infamous Gotham prison. While you may not be familiar with Armature, you likely know them from their previous studio job; many of Armature’s developers were the team leads behind the original Metroid Prime games from Retro Studios. We talked with game director Mark Pacini to learn more about the upcoming game, as well as his studio’s ties to one of the most acclaimed Nintendo game series of all time.

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sarshelyam2009d ago

The initial reports mentions Symphony of the Night as a source of inspiration, likely Metroid was also inspiring to the team. That said, I have it preordered already. It sounds amazing, and considering it follows the events of the console release, how could I pass it up? I want the whole story!

lordspynal2009d ago

The Castlevania games in that style are called Metroidvanias for a reason...

sarshelyam2008d ago

They have similarities in their non-linear progression, but I've always disliked the "Metroidvania" moniker. There was always enough in the first, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, that it stood on its own with far more RPG elements, items, etc. If all it takes is an open-level construction to be nothing more than a Metroid clone, well frankly that's sad that we can't allow them to stand on their own.

Furthermore, the Japanese release of both Metroid and Castlevania II (a similarly non-linear progressive platformer), were separated by less than a year. It's hard to believe that in a year Konami's team played and enjoyed Metroid so much, that they developed an entirely similar formula from concept to release in under a year. Food for thought, but they're close enough that they would have been in development at roughly the same time, with roughly the same non-linear format.

NukaCola2009d ago

I got disagreed with big time for saying this looked the most Castlevania off all the games. This could really be amazing

sarshelyam2008d ago

I got a disgree for mentioning what ANOTHER article said, and cited that it was also inspired by Metroid. I honestly don't care about disagree/agrees here on N4G. I know what my intentions are and they don't need to be bolstered/deconstructed by anonymity.

That said, the message remains the same. Wherever its inspiration comes from Metroid or Castlevania Symphony of the Night, it sounds promising.

Williamson2008d ago

Was hoping to have an arkham game like the console version on the vita, but this way I get to play 2 batman games this fall.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

If Batman starts rolling into a tight-ball in order to crawl through small air-ducts... I'm calling "FOUL". ;)