The Missed Opportunities of BioShock Infinite

Gi - The perfect video game – it is the illusive item that every gamer yearns to play. What would constitute a perfect game though? Is it gameplay that is fun, smart and addictive or is it a story that has emotional resonance with memorable and iconic characters that reveals some universal truth? Certainly there are some that would say that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is an undeniably perfect game. It is a sentiment that all-time lists, historical overviews and reviews often support to some degree. Some may disagree and find nothing terribly special about Ocarina of Time.

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joab7772103d ago

This is one of my all time favorite games but I like to think of improvements as adding to excellence not missed opportunities. Yeah, there r parts of the game that push the envelope and parts that simply rest on their high laurels. Elizabeth who was at the center of all their pushing was brilliant. I do believethat their vision included taking her role even further but it became to difficult or expensive this gen. The story was astounding. Was it original? Very little is. But when shone in this light on this medium, yeah it was. The only thing that would have blown my mind more would hav been a tear opened to my living room with the camera. But this is an example of adding to a game not a missed opportunity. Also, many have harped on the combat. This is simply because of how innovative the originals combat was. We wanted a bigger leap. I do think that the initial vision had Elizabeth involved more in combat. They could have made it more strategic by allowing elizabthe to see incoming enemies so u could set up. Maybe a few instances had u getting surrounded etc. But they added tears, skylines and her to the already great gunplay and vigors. Maybe as a gaming enthusiast I want more and more but very few game even give u this quality of combat. All in all, while its natural to want to see things done this way and that, I am very pleased. My only complaint is that its over...dlc soon please?