Nintendo is Nostalgia (and that’s okay)

Wednesday's Nintendo Direct event brought with it a barrage of new 3DS titles in franchises that originated many generations ago. While some criticize the company for relying on recycled series to sell systems, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier explains why Nintendo's reliance on nostalgia is absolutely okay.

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Donnieboi2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Yeah, but is there anything wrong with producing new IP's too (on consoles, 3ds does a good job of that, but Nintendo needs new IP's too for the Wii u, AND 3rd party support, or else the only one's who will care are the Ninty fans). I buy consoles because the games appeal to me, not merely because of the name of the console manufacturer.

The first wii had some new IP's but they were mostly app-like games for casual/exercise people. And the Wii U doesn't even appeal to casuals now that Kinect came out. Using the same IP over and over is fine for the few fans who already purchased a Wii U anyway. But for the rest of us, we need new hardcore ip's to pull in those of us who are tired of the same repackaged franchise. Oh, and 3rd party NEXT gen games, not just current gen ports.

lilbroRx2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

As I have said many time on here(and to you many times) they release multiple new I.P. every single year. Most of you just ignore them and pretend they don't exist for some reason, though.

This nostlagia argument is just another ridiculous insult used to dismiss Nintendo success like "gimmicky" and "casual" before it.

If you can't beat'em, move the goal post. That seems to be the trend.

Donnieboi2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

You said: "This nostlagia argument is just another ridiculous insult used to dismiss Nintendo success like "gimmicky" and "casual" before it."

Your kinda being paranoid. Nobody is "out to get" Nintendo (as the phrase goes). If it's a COMMON complaint amongst people, then it's probably a valid one. Just because you disagree, it doesn't mean that everyone else is conspiring against Nintendo. Your probably the type of guy who would have bought a Wii U (and did) no matter what, just because it's a Nintendo console. The rest of us (who are not as easily compelled) have our reasons for not buying one. And many of those reasons are echoed throughout the gaming community (we see countless articles and comments daily). So, maybe there's some truth to the reasons why people don't want to buy it.

Just respect that some people demand more than what you find as impressive.

PopRocks3592103d ago

lilbroRx has a point, particularly with how vehemently this community seems to detest Nintendo. Whether it is how often you used to insult me (often for no reason and you only stopped after reading my latest blog), or how positive articles receive no buzz while negative ones go anywhere from 500 degrees to well over a thousand, there are users on here who seem to have a great deal of disdain for Nintendo.

Some have reasonable arguments as to why, but I've come across plenty who just seem to be either extremely bitter or ignorant or both.

"Just respect that some people demand more than what you find as impressive."

Well, for a few months now you chose not to respect my positive ideology for Nintendo. It took a neutral blog which was only stating in detail what I had been saying in comments already to get you to wake up and stop leaving dishonest, childish replies when I was the recipient.

lilbroRx2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Your kind of using a "straw man argument". I never said anyone was "out to get" Nintendo or even suggest it. Nor did I speak of what I find impressive, because I find no console/game made in the last 8 years impressive. I'm a PC gamer. I also love how you completely skipped my pointing out that they make multiple new I.P.s EVERY year which was your primary and most redundant argument for disparaging them.

Not wanting evolution taught in schools is a common complaint, so I guess that makes it valid as well using your logic.

Paranoia suggests fear of something unseen. I have no fear and I have seen three article come up to day dismissing Nintendo's success under grounds of "nostalgia". I saw a few yesterday and a few before that as well. Ever since the Nintendo direct Wednesday, people have been putting down Nitnendo is only being able to cash-in on Nostalgia.

No one dismisses Sony's constant releasing of Killzone, God of War or Gran Turismo as "nostlagia". No one dismisses Microsofts constant releasing of Halo as "nostalgia". No one dismisses Rockstars constant releasing of Gran Theft Auto as "nostalgia". No one dismisses Insomniac Games constant releasing of Ratchet and Clank as "nostlagia". Please show me one article that does.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2103d ago

I agree to a point.

I think most of the "nostalgia" (there's that word again) comes from the fact that

1) Nintendo (video games) has been around the US since the 80's.
2)Mario has existed since the 80's.
3) People got older.
4) Mario still makes money.


If, people stopped buying games with Mario on the cover- Nintendo would stop selling them. Until then it would be more than stupid for them to shoot:
---themselves in the foot
---or shoot their new & older customers in the foot.

Personally, I haven't played a Mario game since N64.
I want to try Galaxy 1 and 2 but haven't yet.

But I will play ever Zelda and Metroid game automatically.
Plus, Fire Emblem.
I found each game new enough to enjoy.
(Except that 1 time when I played MP3 and TP at the same time and I started getting bummed-out that Zelda was playing a lot like a Metroid game. "Find a weapon the weapon is also a key")

SS changed all of that and the next Zelda probably even more.

meganick2103d ago

Get ahold of the Galaxy games asap. They're both terrific.

Donnieboi2103d ago

Dude how could u have skipped Galaxy 1 & 2? I have them for Wii and they are my favorite 3d platformers of all time. After that, then it's Sly Cooper 2, then Mario 64. Get Galaxy at Gamestop used asap. SMH.

gamer422103d ago

*See's that you have never tried Mario galaxy
and in the forever infamous words of Reggie Fils-aimes "what's wrong with you?"

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2103d ago


"Helpful" to everyone who responded to me.

I will pick-up a copy soon.

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Moncole2103d ago

People need to deal with the fact Nintenso makes great games and can't say people are saying they are good because of nostalgia. The game sell great and are fun, those are signs to make a sequel. Should we stop getting Metal Gear games? They are nostalgic but they sell well and people like them.

rezzah2103d ago

It is how people react differently to nostalgia.

Nintendo - People relive everything they like in various worlds, but do not experience entirely new worlds (IPs).

Everyone else - People relive their nostalgia through replaying older games/remakes/reboots. Their love for specific characters/worlds have a end. This type allows for the ability to experience new worlds (IPs).

Nintendo's type of nostalgia is the safer way to experiencing what you love. There isn't a fear of never drifting away from what you like as it will always remain there forever (or until they end the series, highly unlikely).

_QQ_2103d ago

Wii was my first Nintendo console and Skyward Sword/Metroid prime corruption were my first games for both those franchises, i would put both these games along with Galaxy in the Top 6 games of this gen, and it's definitely not because of nostalgia.

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