How Does Exclusivity Affect Your Anticipation for a Game?

Push Square: "For as few exclusives as there are these days, the word still gets a lot of mileage on message boards. Lists have become a profound form of ammunition among system soldiers, with elite titles compared and contrasted in increasingly heated wars of attrition. But how important is exclusivity to you? And does the aging concept have an impact on the experiences that you’re looking forward to?"

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PopRocks3592006d ago

Usually not a lot. If a game looks good then it really does not matter what console it's on. There are exceptions though; I think Rayman Legends was a big one for many a Nintendo fan.

IcyEyes2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Exclusive mean more effort from the developer ...

PopRocks3592005d ago

The two are not mutually exclusive at all, there is no direct correlation between quality and exclusivity. There is quite a few fantastic multiplatform games as well. LA Noire, Brutal Legend, Darksiders and Mortal Kombat to name a few.

That's not to say exclusives are bad, but to suggest that multiplatform games are somehow hampered by being developed for more than a single console is silly. ZombiU is exclusive and while I do enjoy the game, the amount of bugs it had upon release suggest Ubisoft rushed it out or did not invest a great deal of effort into it.

LOGICWINS2005d ago


Wouldn't it actually mean LESS effort since they are working on only one platform as opposed to two or three?

IcyEyes2005d ago

I was pretty sure someone will not understand the meaning of my words ... my bad :)

I dont compare nothing to nothing.
There a LOT of AWESOME multiplat games.

The publisher of an exclusive game NEED (and require) to have an high quality game and that's why usually an exclusive game on console its an AAA.

killcycle2005d ago

In most cases, Exclusive games generally have a higher demand and launch title like Res:FOM have to set an example and showcase the power of the console they're released on so have a much higher budget then normal.

The thing with this is that when they then decide to release a sequel they need to raise the bar even higher.

When a console is being developed for 1 console rather then multiple it normally does mean better quality, My opinion is just based on what I've seen from first party Ps3 games, 360 and even Dreamcast.

Why o why2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Many exclusives are best in their class or genre and have won games of the year this gen.

Many exclusives utilise a platforms advantages and usually better circumvent its deficiencies.

The developers of exclusives need only focused on one set of parameters, be it disk size, ram and memory, motion control, standard hdd across the board etc.

They dont have to worry about contractual obligations like we've heard have been put on devs, to keep the games looking or performing equally.

Exclusives build a brand and distinguish a console.

Its these things, to varying degrees, that heightens my anticipation for exclusives.

dcbronco2005d ago


I would think it would be the opposite. Since you're working on one platform you cn optimize because you know the exact feature set of the machine and don't have to worry about differences in architecture. Plus I'm sure you would be getting more support from that console maker, if you want support in future projects you need to perform well. That could prove the difference between the ability to make a new project and not having the resources. Your rep is everything.

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BattleAxe2006d ago

It totally affects my decision as to which console I will buy. Sony has some of the best games that you can't get anywhere else, so my decision is making process is easy. For everything else there's Steam.

PopRocks3592006d ago

Fair answer, but they asked how it affects your view of a game, not a console.

NastyLeftHook02006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

exclusive games are not gimped because of a weaker console. so yes my anticipation for games like the last of us are high.

Irishguy952005d ago

Yeah we were lucky Halo didn't go multiplat. It would have become a corridor shooter with interactive cutscenes and no vehicles.

Bathyj2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Well in the time Halo was being developed before Microsoft swooped in on a company with financial problems, and bought them, and the game it was going to be multiplat. It was also going to be a 3rd person shooter and have features like terrain deformation from grenades.

But things change and we ended up with a great game that had a few brilliant wide open levels, but also a half dozen filled with copy paste level design and those corridors you seem to hate so much repeated over and over again.

The point is exclusives are tailored to the console its on, for good or bad. Think about that word tailored for a second. When you go to a tailor, he makes a suit to fit you, and no one else. Its the same with an exclusive game and they can used to show what a console can do, and why you want one over another.

And I didn't come in here to attack Halo. In fact, no one mentioned Halo til you and I still think its the best in the series and the reason I bought an xbox as soon as I saw it.

Soldierone2006d ago


If its timed exclusive, its the most stupid thing in the world. It kills all anticipation for me.

However if a game is being built from the ground up to only run on one console, it will probably be better quality.

Jek_Porkins2006d ago

I think it depends on the game, I always have all the consoles so it isn't an issue, nothing is exclusive from me, but I have franchises that I prefer and get more excited about.

Overall though it isn't something I've really thought much about.

IK IR Y IP T2005d ago

yea same here that's when u get the fan boys the poor lil guys who can only afford one system so they defend it with there life. But as a owner of all systems i like what each systems exclusives have to offer ..

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