Defiance is Borderlands: The MMO without the humor (GamesBeat review)

Video game publisher Trion Worlds is taking a big risk on Defiance. It’s a transmedia experiment — a collaborative effort between Trion and the Syfy channel to produce a massively multiplayer online game alongside a television series. But is it any good?

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JeffGrubb2105d ago

I may finally play this this weekend!

Psychotica2105d ago

I bought Defiance and didn't care for it. I then started playing Borderlands 2 for the first time because it came free with my new video card. I have to say Borderlands 2 is much more fun than Defiance was..

SolidDuck2105d ago

I really like defiance, and borderlands.

SatanSki2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Never tried Borderlands due to shitty graphics. I, well, hate cell shading and cartoony gfx as a whole so Defiance is the winner for me.

spicelicka2104d ago

-______- and if the gameplay was a million times better in borderlands, wouldn't u be in a grave state of ignorance?

SatanSki2103d ago

I could be wrong about whole games business and wouldnt care. Its just a worthless hobby.

spicelicka2103d ago

meh then no point arguing

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