5 other retro Disney games that deserve remakes

Today, most of Disney’s video games consist of lazy, licensed crap and disappointing platformers, but there was a time when Disney’s cast of characters starred in some of the best adventures of the 8- and 16-bit eras. With the recently announced remakes for classics like DuckTales and Castle of Illusion, GamesBeat began to wonder which retro gems might be next in line for HD makeovers. Here are the five that we’d like to push to the top of that list.

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midnightambler2008d ago

Have licensed games got worse, or have other games just got better? Loved some of these Disney games back in the day.

wita2008d ago

I always liked the Aladdin game.

JeffGrubb2006d ago

Shiiiit. I have to work but all I want is to play these games.