Should Bravely Default be re-labeled as a Final Fantasy game in the west?

Gimme Gimme Games asks whether Bravely Default would benefit commercially if it was re-branded as a Final Fantasy title when it releases in the west.

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NYC_Gamer2012d ago

Why?its a brand new game that's not related to Final Fantasy

mrbojingles2012d ago

Changing Bravely Default's title to something more Final Fantasy related isn't exactly a new idea. Final Fantasy has countless spin-offs so it could be thrown in there with little confusion. That said, I wouldn't want it to change.

Godmars2902012d ago

Because of the assertion that gamers are dumb and only buy brand's rather than actual quality or content.

Really thinking that they could sell anything with the FF name is what got Square into the shape it is now. The whole industry for that matter.

jc485732012d ago

something about this game is a rebrand of 4 heroes of light.

stragomccloud2012d ago

Though I'd rather they kept the same title, this title does seem more "Final Fantasy" than any recent Final Fantasy game.

e-p-ayeaH2012d ago

The game sure does look interesting it just needs a better name.