Bidding closed on THQ auction of Darksiders, Red Faction, and more, $6M to $7M expected

Bidding has closed on the bankruptcy auction for defunct publisher THQ's remaining game properties, with the 17 final bids expected to bring in $6 million to $7 million, according to court documents.

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NYC_Gamer2879d ago

I hope SEGA picked up Homeworld

SilentNegotiator2879d ago

For the pittance of well under $6M, they might as well.

THQ sure dragged the Red Faction IP far into the grave with it. Red Faction 1 was an awesome game for its time and I love playing it even today. Guerrilla was pretty good, for what it's worth, too.

ATi_Elite2879d ago

Red Faction 1 was the REASON I bought a PS2 awesome game that I enjoyed way more than that Halo game. OK Halo had a nice MP while Red Faction had a great SP.

I hope someone plays Red Faction 1 and bring back that type of gameplay. Good story good FPS with some vehicle levels good use of Geo Mod technology good A.I. (for back then).

Red faction 1 = CLASSIC!

Soldierone2879d ago

Please don't give Crytek Darksiders. Graphics are not everything, especially in Darksiders.....

b_one2879d ago

Imagine Darksiders FPS as Strife had guns....

NYC_Gamer2879d ago

Why not?most of the developers are now working for Crytek.

CanadianTurtle2879d ago

Crytek are a bunch of graphical purists that don't know the definition of good gameplay, story, universe, etc.

These are the kinds of developers that truly think that graphics is what makes a great game. Crysis 2 was one of the most disappointing games I've played this gen.

KrisButtar2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

i agree with NYCgamer, as long as those developers are able to keep what they were doing and the others at Crytek don't stick there noses in it

Soldierone2879d ago

Recent remark from them. "Graphics are 70 percent of a game" or some higher number. No it's not. Fun and gameplay are. If we want visuals with no story or gameplay then we will go watch a michal Bay movie.....

Swiftcricket2879d ago


That would be nice but Crytek have already shown that they like to immediately stick their noses in and even stop in-development projects of studios they buy.

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adorie2879d ago

4AGames showed Crytek how to do graphics, story and atmosphere, all together, and Crysis 3 didn't feel as if Crytek learned anything.

DeadlyFire2879d ago

I don't see why not. CryEngine is their business side without it they probably would be in a pretty weak position on the market.

Sure graphics are not everything, but visuals don't hurt.

Studio strength depends on Crytek's ambition to high talented developers. Individual studios shine brighter than others in many companies. Crytek's new studio with THQ talent could work out well.

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Highlife2879d ago

Why waste that amount of money just so you can keep those franchises alive. Just create a new game. I am fine if those games were the last we saw of them.

CanadianTurtle2879d ago

I have to agree with you. Even if they did keep the franchises alive, it would feel like a completely different game because it's a completely different development team.

Daver2879d ago

Nah, i want to see more Darksiders, the whole universe is nice. Even if darksiders 2 was not as good as I thought it would be, Im pretty sure they can improve it in the 3rd game even if its not the same developper.

Captain Qwark 92879d ago

i loved darksiders 1 and 2 personally. i thought the story was way better in DS1 but i liked everything else better in DS2. either way id be sad if it never returns

FarCryLover1822879d ago

I hope Volition Deep Silver bought the Red Faction series.

Eldyraen2879d ago

That might not be so bad actually. DS has grown quite a bit lately and although sometimes a little rough around the edges they publish some enjoyable games.

I just want to find out who got what and hopefully nothing good was left for scrap.

tweet752879d ago

i hope a good company got the darksiders and will put much care into the franchise. It could be great.

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