Burning Questions: HD DVD Burning? Soon, but Not Yet

Blu-ray burners are shipping today from a host of companies, and more are coming soon. In comparison, the HD DVD realm has been a silent wasteland, with no PC burner in sight, and no word on when we might see one. Until now.

The first whispers of HD DVD burning surfaced this summer at the Computex trade show in Taipei, where Toshiba demonstrated a slim-line HD DVD writer for notebook PCs. The company declined to announce a ship date for the product at the event, although media manufacturers such as Imation, RitekUSA, and Verbatim announced impending media availability at that time.

Later in June, Toshiba introduced the first HD DVD recorder for the living room: the $3600 RD-A1, also the first high-def-capable disc recorder to support the Advanced Access Content System (AACS, required for playing back Hollywood movies). However, that model--like the already-shipping (but non-AACS-compatible) Blu-ray Disc recorders from Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony--was designated for sale only in Japan.

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shotty5896d ago

Blu-ray burners can't burn movies, only data on the disc for now. Pretty much half done so they can say they were first. It targeted at corporations that need to back up data, but if you need to back up that much data your better off using servers instead.

Marty83705895d ago

Blu-ray media is been sold as a mass storage.So having Blu-ray burners out first for PC's is a good thing.Blu-ray is way ahead of HD-DVD in alot of things.

bohemian 235894d ago

Yet you fail to mention a single one of them ? How could there be SO MANY things it's ahead in if you couldn't name even one ? You have no idea what your talking about at all so don't comment on things you don't know about. by the way 3m3rg3nce day 06 is what it's all about.