Video Games Graphics Evolution: Then And Now

GR - "We take a look at what decades-old games looked like back then and what they're like today."

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Sam Fisher2059d ago

Its funny that most of those pics are old to new in graphics, but if you look at it closely the gameplay are almost still identical, smh. After all these years we were playing ps1,nes, and sega games again and again lol

KingPin2060d ago

damn ive been gaming forever.
i actually played all the games in the "then" pics when they released right up until "now" pics.
aaahhh that need for speed brings back a ton of memories.

1Victor2060d ago

lol me too except for SH and the sports ones they should re-make dino crisis and mario brothers most fun I had hitting my little sister from below and having her killed by the crabs and flies

SoundGamer2060d ago

Wow. Well....

I can't help but think that better screens could have been found for comparison.


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The story is too old to be commented.