Stopgaps of War - Why we don't need cynical franchise stopgaps - TGV

The Gaming Vault writes:

"It must seem awfully tempting to the ‘suits’ mustn’t it?

The premise of making easy bucks off of multi-million selling platform exclusive franchises by creating overly familiar entries just before we make the leap to the next generation of home consoles must be a hard impulse to deny indeed. Especially when there is minimal creative investment involved in pushing the boat out to the very same console generation that you’ve been shilling your wares to for the last six or so years."

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Herminator2100d ago

I'm dissapointed Judgement was so "Gears of War-sy", given People Can Fly's pedigree.

Bitsnark2100d ago

I agree with you - they played it extremely safe.

Sidology2100d ago

"What can we do to spice up this franchise?

I know! Prequels with absolutely nothing new! Foolproof!"

CRAIG6672100d ago

I love judgement although I am aware that not everyone feels the same...