Sony PlayStation CEO tells how firm is going after new consumers

By Lauren Shores

Keeping up in the retail business is tricky. As social media erupts, the marketplace is changing and retailers need to stay on top of cutting-edge techniques to reach consumers.

“We’re proud of having one of the few brands that people tattoo on their skin,” joked Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony PlayStation.Tretton was among the participants at the 17th annual Global Retailing Conference April 11 and 12 put on by the University of Arizona’s Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing. It took place at Loews Ventana Canyon.

Sony PlayStation is best known for its namesake gaming system, but the systems also run content from Hulu and Netflix which has helped pioneer the streaming movement. PlayStation has more than 110 million online accounts and reaches 1 billion consumers worldwide, according to Tretton. But that success has come through significantly altering their retail strategies over the years.

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GribbleGrunger2007d ago

“I can see people potentially cutting cable,” he said. “Streaming is a threat to other companies but fortunate for us.”

That's quite a telling statement.

jujubee882007d ago

Pfft. Too much money from fat cats involved in TV broadcasting to let that happen.

ExPresident2007d ago

Cable companies have already taken a huge blow crom people who are streaming. It is only a matter of time before people have the ability to really stream all their tv shows as seamlessly as they can turn on their cable box. It isn't there yet due to some select providers and shows but it will get there. I don't think cable companies will disappear but they won't have the foot hold they have now.

Ron_Danger2007d ago

I stopped paying for cable. With Hulu and Amazon Prime, or Netflix there's no reason to pay for cable.

darthv722007d ago

lets not forget something here. Sony as a company has movie and tv divisions and the shows they produce as advertising driven. Thats why we have commercials for products that we see within the shows we watch.

Cutting cable does not do away with the advertising revenue stream and those commercials will find their way onto other forms of media distribution. In many ways, they already have. Streaming, cable, dish, fiber....are all just transportation formats to bring the content into your own experience.

Just keep that in mind next time you think jumping from one format to another will solve a problem. It doesnt take long for the problem to follow. Even people who use a DVR will eventually find situations where the service provider will prohibit you from bypassing the advertising space those companies have paid the carriers AND studios for.

I hate advertisements as much as the next person but there are some i do enjoy. That is the new trend in advertising. well, not exactly new but its getting more and more obvious. You make advertisements that people would actually WANT to see because they in themselves can be funny and entertaining or informative.

talisker2007d ago

I've done it many years ago. No regrets.

Reverent2007d ago

I couldn't possibly imagine going back to cable. God we're becoming spoiled by the technology these days lol.

maniacmayhem2007d ago

Amazing right, that Sony also has the same ideas that MS is going for.

Fatal-Aim2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

No surprise there. I always knew that they had a strategy in this department related to television. I just couldn't put my fenger on what it was exactly. You forget, this is the same company that launched a console with a CD player (PS1), a DVD player (PS2), a BluRay player (PS3), UMD and Location Free (PSP and Vita). Why would they stop there with a gaming only platform with a NetFlix app? Sorry, but this doesn't sound like Sony at all in the very same way I didn't believe that they would come unprepared in the motion control department for next gen way before they announced it.

I see something much grander on the horizon, especially after this here:

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sherimae24132007d ago

1 billion consumers?! hey is he referring to all of sony related.... things ^_^

o-Sunny-o2007d ago

Keep on getting more money we need ya Sony.

NatureOfLogic2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Netflix alone is killing tv.

user76939582007d ago

you meant cable..
you need a tv to watch netflix..

AhmadCentral2007d ago

It's a good opportunity for Sony. They've already demonstrated how it could work on the PS3. If they improve their current offerings on the PS4 then it's a very attractive offer for people who want to get Tv content on demand without paying a huge premium like for cable.

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