EA wonders why everybody hates them?

EA seems to have this notion that they don't do much wrong. I think they've proved they do in the last couple weeks alone.

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Godmars2902007d ago

I hate them because it takes five minutes to start Burnout:PC. That I have to deal with and logging off their store.

Maddens Raiders2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

"too big to fail" attitude and the resulting quality in their games. For years I bought and played Madden games only to find that the quality, especially attention to detail, and gameplay stayed the same year after year or in the case of 2007-2008 Madden just completely fell off the wagon. It was so bad and my obsession w/ this franchise so great, that it compelled me to to get intimately involved w/ the "struggle": Needless to say my "auto-purchases" of Madden each year have since ceased and I hardly play it at all anymore which is weird but reality. EA doesn't deserve my money for that garbage anymore.

Furthermore, I've noticed another game I really like BF3, is full of weird glitches and "laziness" that I tried to overlook in my first run through, but that were impossible to dismiss at a very inopportune time last night. Last night I introduced a friend of mine to the game for the first time. He's really been wanting to check it out so we pop the disc into his PS3, and after a short loadup from the disc he's in the action on HARD mode. Well, once he got to the part where you have to "follow the wire" and diffuse the bomb, there's all these weird ass shadows coming off the Humvees and buildings which make the game just seem half ass and not very well QC'd. Also after he diffused the wire and ran up onto the bridge, your squad mates were running [inside the concrete] of the bridge so that only half of their bodies were exposed. It was like some weird Manhattan project explosion was happening that made everything weird. I could see the look on my friend's face that was like wow wtf is all of this? I finished the game on HARD and liked the story but things like the stuff aforementioned plus the fact that the dead bodies disappear instead of staying put, just give you that real uneasy "multiplat" feel. If you're a 1st party purist like me, that only lurks into the murky multiplat waters for the "sure fire hits" then this of no huge surprise. Afterall, it's EA, and it really seems like par for the course which isn't saying much at all. So if you love gargantuan money hungry companies that pump out tons of decent, yet mediocre games each year then they're your vg co.

darthv722007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I dislike some of their practices. Like locking out fair competition where NFL licensed games were concerned. Whether it was a mutual decision or EA bought exclusivity...they took away the license from other companies that made good alternatives to the Madden series.

I also dislike how they are quick to shelve a series before it really gets a chance to grow. Mirror's edge and dante's inferno are two fairly decent games that could have had much better sequels if given the chance.

But in EA's eyes, if it isnt profitable by a certain margin then it isnt worth investing in a sequel.

MikeMyers2006d ago

I don't hate them, I just don't want to be forced to like them. We should have choices and by having a monopoly on some sport games and by only offering some PC games through Origin they are not giving consumers an option to compare.

EA needs to ask themselves why people prefer Steam over Origin. Why do people not want to sign into EA servers when they play on consoles? Why is EA charging to unlock cheats? Why did they have DRM in SimCity? There are many questions they refuse to actually answer from a consumers point of view.

Consumers are also not stupid, they can see the way EA controls developer input. Why are certain ip's getting more casual?

3-4-52006d ago

EA is like the guy with the $50,000 music studio who doesn't know how to use it properly.

JsonHenry2006d ago

I hate them for CnC4 but I will let them redeem themselves if the newest CnC doesn't suck.

Godmars2902006d ago

So you'll forgive them if its good, but otherwise layered in crap? Has hoops you have to jump through?

N311V2007d ago

I don't hate them, they've published some of my favourite games over the many many years they've been in business.

Anzil2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

people will hate me for this but w/e! I absolutely love micro-transactions that dont affect gameplay. I love it cause there are dumbys out there that would spend hundreds of dollars on these games and they support my favourite company. I think if you have the option to buy a game new or used and you buy it used to save a few dollars is a joke! If u cant afford to pay an extra 5 bucks then you probably shouldn't be buying video games. Always online is a bad idea cause it cuts out loyal gamers that dont have internet access. And online passes should be more $ in my opinion because most people will buy just one game like cod and its used then the game company and console company has no chance of making money. EA makes most of my favourite games and have huge respect for game devs and publishers in this flux of a gaming market!

abradley2004d ago

Fair enough. Having respect for your favourite company isn't bad, but what I and many others here in the comments is that EA have some seriously bad practices that harm the games industry as a whole.

I also take your comment about second hand games personally. Not everyone can always afford a brand new copy of a game and until developers/publishers themselves reduce the prices of their older software catalogue so many of their customers can get the game new for say half or less of the original asking price, second hand will continue to rule. Don't you think the big companies like EA earn enough when a game is first released. Backing them as they continue to charge full price for a 2-4 year old games is just money grubbing theft. The one big reason Steam is a big hit and EA left them to rob people else ware.

Anzil2003d ago

@ abradley You do not need games! you telling me that you cant afford them makes me laugh cause it is a luxury and you should not be buying games if you are strapped for cash. if you have only a little money leftover after you pay your bills and cant afford five dollars extra to support the company that spent a lot of their lives being underpaid to produce the game then you should not be buying games its that simple! WAIT till you have enough to buy the game new! And no i do not think every game company makes a lot of money off the initial sales thats why i said the gaming market is in flux. and this is the reason a lot of games do not drop in price, exceptions being cod and other monopolies. And the pc gaming sector is smaller than consoles so this is why pc games are sold for less and tend to be put on sale more (common misconception) and EA have done many things right too but no one ever says anything about that.

Majin-vegeta2007d ago

BF3 was the last game i'm buying from them.Not only have they not fixed all the damn problems in it but it takes a long ass time to release a patch.

P.S.Yes i know it's DICE who are the DEVS but they can't do anything without EA consent.

Trunkz Jr2007d ago

Good, don't buy BF4 Faja.

sergons2007d ago

You mean Modern Battlefield 4?

Hydralysk2007d ago

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they recently implied the people angry with them were homophobes attacking them because they have LGBT characters in a few games, or just angry about the new Madden cover art athlete...

Tultras2007d ago

Maybe because it's true, people probably do send them hate mail or something because of it.

I remember the starhawk devs stating that they received large amount of hate mails simply because their game's main character was black.

Hydralysk2006d ago

I'm sure there are a few people that do send hate mail like that. It's the internet, that's unfortunately par for the course.

Peter Moore's statement on the other hand implied most of the people vocally disappointed with EA of being angry because of these 2 reasons, and that's frankly insulting.

Take a look around N4G for example. TONS of EA hate and bashing, but how many times do you see people bashing them for their Madden athletes or LGBT stance? Not very often in my case. It's usually about stuff like DLC, microtransactions, forcing multiplayer into everything, Origin, DRM, etc. The big problems we have with EA are their business practices.

BattleReach2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Bad Servers.
The sh*t produced after 2010.

TedCruzsTaint2007d ago

Don't really agree with that.
There's nothing wrong with Origin as a platform. It's no different than Steam was when it first hit the scene.
I will give you servers. Any major multi-player release of their never seems to function properly.
That's just opinion. I feel they've published plenty of great games these last few years.

BattleReach2007d ago

Battlefield and Dead Space are ok, but Fifa, SimCity, and Medal of Honor werent all that great.

Baka-akaB2006d ago

It is very different . For starters Steam was a pioneer in its category .

Then when we massively complained , Steam was quickly and constaly updated and improved .

TedCruzsTaint2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )


Well, no one ever really goes into why Origin is so bad. I use it. Not nearly as much as steam, but I use it.
Seems just another download service to me. Just happens to be run by EA.
Also, I would argue that it took Steam a long time to get where it is now. Constant updates . . . over years to be what it is now.

Baka-akaB2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Not the same case at all . Origins comes in a market already to fruition . Competition is good , but when your competitor are well established you have to propose a decent enough service . Not the plague and bugs machine that are origins servers and services so far since it's launch already 3 years ago .

It took constant updating , i already told you and agreed with that , but Steam was far more reactive and faster built .

No excuse for a service that was already "ea store/ea download" beforehand in 2007 , and in a market with plenty examples for them to learn from

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