TimeGate loses appeal: Court orders Section 8 developer to pay $7.3M in damages

Venturebeat.com: Publishers and developers are like soap-opera characters. One day they’re working together, then the next they’re plotting how to take each other down.
That’s how developer TimeGate, which produced the Xbox Live Arcade first-person shooter Section 8, ended up owing publisher SouthPeak Interactive $7.3 million in damages, as originally reported by Polygon. This comes after the latest court appeal in the long-running case went in favor of SouthPeak.

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-Mika-4052d ago

Awww, this is horrible. This is going to destroy them. Southpeak, this is not cool. You could of just told them to pay your lawyer fees and then just let them be. I know what company I will be boycotting in the future.

Thirty3Three4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

"I" will be boycotting in the future?

It's not a boycott if it's only one person.

No offense, but I think people on the gaming scene just use words they don't know :O

No idea why I'm getting (at the moment of this edit, only one...) disagrees...

It's true.

kreate4052d ago

Hey I just googled for the official meaning of boycott including dictionary. Com, Wikipedia amongst others, but it doesnt state anywhere that there needs to be a headcount requirement.

From my reading, it seems like one or a party can boycott whatever they want.

Idk but if there's anything else to it, plz enlighten us.

Soldierone4052d ago

Both sides are idiots here. TimeGate isn't innocent, they are the ones that originally opened the lawsuit. Their publisher just said "yeah? Well take this" and won.

Honestly I'm normally on the developers side, but it was stupid to do that and greedy. Just say "we are done" and walk away, find someone else to publish. If they want the crappy Section 8 license, let them have it.

hano4051d ago

Whenever someone says both sides are wrong, it means they don't have the balls to be fair or they just don't know the facts.

Soldierone4051d ago

To be fair to what? The developer was stupid for opening the lawsuit, and the publisher is stupid for taking it too far.

I would say it takes a lot more balls to say both sides are morons instead of picking a side.

hano4051d ago

The law is always on the side of the guys with more money.

In this case, the publisher paid more so now the developers have to give up the franchise and go bankrupt. Justice isn't served.


This is why dueling should still be legal.


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Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their demise

OXM UK: "It's heart-breaking when a development studio responsible for a game or series that you love closes down. Often, you'll remember them for the good times - the stand-out, stellar high points of their career - and not the decisions or titles that ultimately doomed them. Inevitably though, some studios come to be defined by their final release."

brettyd3979d ago

One of my favorite games this gen.

SilentNegotiator3979d ago

Is Team Bondi really a "celebrity developer", though? Granted, they received the automatic extra-enthused approval that anything remotely Rockstar-related seems to get from the press, but they only created ONE game before falling apart ~5 months later.

IDK, that just seems a bit hasty, calling them "celebrity developers"

MikeyDucati13979d ago

I guess that title was given because Brendan.

3979d ago
Geovanny3979d ago

I miss Pandemic studios. They had good titles.

3979d ago
Dfooster3979d ago

La noire was soulless, and the interrogations were deeply flawed.


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