Smells like bullshots: 10 notoriously 'polished' screenshots

These days it's much harder to spot a bullshot, as publishers tend to display games running on high-end PCs to source screens. Still, over the years there have been some incredible forgeries and we've decided to collate the worst offenders for your amusement.

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dedicatedtogamers2011d ago

An article devoted to bullshots, and not a single mention of Gears of War?

maniacmayhem2011d ago

DO you know something we don't?

Why o why2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Ha ha, dont you remember. I thought it was common knowledge.

I'm not hating on gears as I've stated a few times it was the first game that reached out and slapped me to tell me next gen has arrived. Epic have used bullshots for years. As epic/gears are big in the industry so its strange they aren't in this article

This is one of the many pics that were used as 360 images. Probably the pc build or maybe its the 360 version touched. Either way its not what the game looked like on the 360 thus a bullshot

papashango2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

N4G is probably the last place on the internet that doesn't know what a bullshot is.

The amount oh hype that fills the comment section when a blatant bullshot is making the rounds is mind blowing.

darthv722011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I dont know what 360 you were using but it looks like that on mine. j/k

As to the article, when doing these sort of comparisons isnt it best to try and find a shot that is as close to the "bullshot" as possible?

some of those looked like 16x9 vs 4x3. Or running on different quality inputs like composite/component/hdmi.

The irony of all of this is games are created on computers and the argument is if the images are computer rendered (aka cgi). Its not like we were being shown supermodels in swimsuits and then being given stick figures and told to use our imagination.

maniacmayhem2011d ago

In all honesty I never figured that shot to be an actual gameplay shot when I first saw but only a promotional pic. I thought the purpose of the Bullshots were pics shown of gameplay that turned out false..

ProjectVulcan2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

The Getaway was ridiculous, the shots were probably pre rendered on a powerful PC at the time and there was no way in a zillion years PS2 could pull off those shots. Well, maybe at 10 seconds per frame lol...

In fact only a totally new generation of hardware like PS3 could actually get closer to them, even then it is pushing it!

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AngelicIceDiamond2011d ago

The last I checked Gears Of War did meet expectations in graphics.

With that being said I'm glad this article popped up because I will be looking for CGI, pre-renders and bullshots come E3. It all started with Sony infamous Killzone game. The media and fans were floored by the reveal. That was short lived when sources confirmed it was fake. And the real Killzone was in the very early stages in development.

I'm not implying Sony will do it again nor am I implying Sony only. I'm just making a point because Sony's infamous Killzone presentation made tons and tons of headlines and I'm using Sony as an example.

I'm speaking for all devs this E3.

HammadTheBeast2011d ago

But Killzone looked pretty good in it's own way anyways, it didn't need to live up to the trailer anyways.

GrandTheftZamboni2010d ago

Try using your eyes instead of just reading the article. Check again and see which of the two Killzone screenshots has better lighting and more details, on the rifle for example.

matrixman922011d ago

wut? gears of wars graphics are amazing!

adorie2011d ago

on PC, yeah, but on Xbox 360 the textures look rather muddy.

PeaSFor2011d ago

wait, do a comparison based on the uc3 BETA?


scratching the bottom of the barrel much?

matrixman922011d ago

gears of war 3's graphics were top of the line for consoles

omi25p2011d ago


Compared the Uncharted 3 beta with the Gears 3 Beta. Seems fair to me.

PeaSFor2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )


both final version would be fair.

the textures in the final version have nothing to do with the beta, here, put some of this against whatever image of gears3 you will find

Y_51502010d ago

@adorie Does PC only have the first Gears of War though?

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mayberry2011d ago

I clicked on this article to find out if that was in it too... funny its not....

Mkai282011d ago

Yeah I Agree, gears 3 looked like it was running on an high end PC . But I have to say, kill zone doesn't look that much different .

Angainor72010d ago

Aahhahahahahahha! You are kidding right? My friend you are a troll, one of a kind...

Axecution2010d ago

Hmmm. I almost have a feeling some of these were PC screenshots on like a billion dollar PC, and then the final is probably the PS3/360 release.

Sony3602010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Nothing tops Killzone 2 faking an entire video. Epic do it, but so do a lot of other publishers too. They just get the most flak for it thanks to Ps3 fantards who will never admit Uncharted games were just as bad offenders as Gears of War.

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3-4-52011d ago

So basically every game this Generation.

Stefanrules72011d ago

Dont forget colonial marines

ExitToExisT2011d ago

In my personal experience , GTA IV had the most amount of bullshots. The graphics shown in the screenshots and the graphics on consoles were day and night.

HammadTheBeast2011d ago

But that can be explained through PC> Consoles graphically, as with most games.

wenaldy2011d ago

But in the then PC port sucked much, mainly for framerate fiasco.

cyclindk2011d ago

I thought bullshots described touched up in-game screenshots... Not pre renders and what unreleased games MAY look like..

MikeMyers2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

That's what I thought too.

Anyways Madden was very guilty of per-rendered screenshots of what Madden may look like on next gen. systems (when the Xbox 360 launched). It didn't even look close to those screens. Killzone 2 also caused a lot of controversy. While the game was visually impressive there was no way they could get those animations and that amount of detail.

I'm done believing any of them. That whole rendered shot of the face by Quantic Dream is also a bunch of crap. We won't see actual games with that type of definition. Sure the hardware could do it but in real world settings at 30fps or higher and everything else going on it's highly doubtful. They did the same thing prior to the release of the PS3 and that model didn't look anything like Heavy Rain in real gameplay settings. Forza was also very guilty of bullshots on the Xbox 360.

What I'm worried about is if it took Polyphony so long to render those cars in GT5 and only 1/5th of them were actually that detailed how long will GT take on the PS4?

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