Could Google Fiber Reinvent the Gaming Industry?

The days of an always-online console are still a few years away from being possible, but it is the path our market is moving towards, not consoles that offer a few nifty hardware upgrades. Google Fiber is, as odd as that may sound, the next generation of gaming and here's why...

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oof462101d ago

Until Google fiber gets mass market But, I'm looking forward to the day it does.

ctate19952101d ago

It will be a glorious day :)

ABizzel12100d ago

It's already here in KC, and it's coming to Austin, TX next which also happens to be where I'm moving to next.

Lucky me.

kneon2100d ago

It probably won't be all that glorious. I already get up to 150mbps but the problem is not every server is equipped to handle such speeds, and it only gets worse if everyone is running at 1gbps.

Until the server side gets equipped with bigger, faster connections you won't get the full benefits of a high speed connection.

TopDudeMan2100d ago

That will be the day google rules the earth.

MrBeatdown2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

I'll reserve judgment until Google Fiber starts expanding to new states instead of new neighborhoods.

TotalHitman2100d ago

And I'll reserve judgment until Google Fiber rolls out in the UK :p

Snookies122100d ago

I freaking want this in my state! Come on Google, you can dominate the world if you expand this...

Neixus2100d ago

That's huge, i own a 100up/100 down speed for 100 dollars a month, 20 more for a 10 times faster internet? hell yeah

WUTCHUGUNNADO2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

36Mbs Down 10Mbs up and it's fine for me... no lag which is all that matters.

The author of this article is a buffoon. How could anyone be pro-always online/pro-stream and talk about how much of a inconvenience it is for him to own a physical copy. I don't care how many games you own... it's not like you play them all so it's unnecessary to claim how much of a hassle it is to transport everywhere and I could care even less about how clumsy you are with your 360. I personally won't fork over cash for strictly digital content knowing it would turn into some subscription based service which you pay for but own nothing. Unless it's like netflix where you pay a low monthly fee but have access to the entire library then it's never going to work... they'll want you to pay a monthly fee and then pay for the game on top of it... NO WAY.

All speculative of course... but it's the obvious outcome.

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