Will Capcom find their void filled if they decide to bring Monster Hunter to the Vita?

At one time, not too long ago, Monster Hunter was a franchise synonymous with the Playstation brand. The series itself began on the Playstation 2 and was eventually moved to the Playstation Portable (PSP). However, in recent years, Capcom has made a point to cut the franchise away from Playstation entirely and send it Nintendo's way. Even to this day, the Playstation audience patiently hopes and waits some sort of news of the franchise coming to the Playstation Vita.

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GamerEuphoria2035d ago

It would certainly attract people to the system that's for sure!

lodossrage2035d ago

I'd never question if against the series not bringing more fans in. I do question how many would be left with so many games starting to take its place.

himdeel2035d ago

Hell yeah! They shot themselves in the ass only bringing it to Nintendo systems in Japan.


3DS is a far better fit for this franchise. The hardware numbers alone leave Vita out in the cold!

Transporter472035d ago


You do realize that monster hunter on PSP sold extremely well, and to not bring it to the Vita would be a mistake for Capcom but they tend to make mistake after mistake so who knows

beakeroo12035d ago


That's gotta be by far the stupidest comment I've seen in a long time. Personally I have skipped MH on 3DS due to the hardware. 3DS is a great handheld but it's not as suitable for a hunting style game as the Vita is mainly due to the single stick.

PopRocks3592035d ago


There's a peripheral for that. Besides, I have the Wii U version which does have dual sticks.

beakeroo12035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )


Yeah I had the CPP for the original 3DS poprocks but it drastically reduced the 3DS's portability and made it look like a Franken-tendo to boot. Now add that beast to the size of a 3DS XL and the proportions are just stupid for mobile gaming.

I did play the PSP MHF games of course without a second stick but going back to 'the claw' after using a Vita is a step backwards for me.

Mr_Writer852035d ago


PSP version of Monster Hunter games sold a combined 9 million units.

3DS Monster hunter game? 2 Million............

How is that a better fit is it sells less then the other 2? Even seperate they sold 5 and 4 million so double what they have sold on the 3DS.

raWfodog2035d ago


That's your opinion but wouldn't the smarter business move on Capcom's end be to make it available on multiple platforms? I mean, if they're really going for the numbers...

It's fact that the Monster Hunter series sold very well on the PSP platform.

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jukins2035d ago

hell even if its japan only capcom is obviously missing out on a chance for a guaranteed cash in.

raWfodog2035d ago

Maybe some Capcom execs have personal beefs with Sony. I see no sound business reason for not offering your product to as many people as possible. Either that or Nintendo paid truckload's of cash to keep the series Nintendo-exclusive.

Ult iMate2035d ago

Agreed. Also Making RE Revelations only for 3DS and then for every other platform except Vita seems to proove your theory.

BrianC62342035d ago

Sounds like Capcom needs to do it unless they want to go out of business soon. Make some big money Capcom.

capjacksparrow2035d ago

Vita is a hardcore gamer's platform. They would do well to bring it over.

-Falaut-2035d ago

After playing Soul Sacrifice (just the demo), they can keep their MH.

lodossrage2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

What you just said is what the article implies. Now that other games are filling the void, Capcom may find that Monster Hunter won't get the same love it used to on Sony's handhelds.

Them taking Monster Hunter away from the Playstation brand might come back to haunt them. That's not to say there is anything wrong with them bringing it to Nintendo. But the abandoning on their part of Playstation may prove to have consequences in the times to come.

sherimae24132035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

your right oni-chan
im a fan of mh since i played all the mh games on the psp even portable 3rd.....
and i wont buy a 3ds just for mh..... its really saddens me why they left out the vita.... maybe sometime in the future they will bring mh to it, but i dont think its the same way as it used to be...
cause sony themselves are filling the gap with ss, and other developers are giving mh type games to the vita
-god eater 2 by namcobandai
-toukiden by tecmokoei
-pso2 by sega

supremacy2035d ago

Capcom are like the japanese equivalent of EA and Activision, they will take the money upfront for deals.

Truth is Nintendo must had payed them a heafty sum for exclusive right, i mean the vita before launch was coming off big positive hype, and with the drought the 3DS had at the start, Nintendo was not going to take any chances and so the deal was made. Just my theory by the way.

At the PlayStation meeting where the vita was first introduced as the ngp, the monster hunter guy was up stage demonstrating how intuitive and natural Monster hunter felt on the vita, then we move to the present and the game is a 3DS exclusive which requires an add-on? i mean somethings got to give,but again its just my theory.

Another piece to the puzzle could be a personal matter between the company and its ex employee mega man creator. After his departures we all here started to see articles on how bad Capcom was treating their workers. Again just my theory.

Overall Capcom's decisions has not been well received and havent exactly been panning out like theyd hope. look at the recent sales of some of their top games, dmc, re6 and so forth, heck the latest coming out is that they have been forced to axe some internal projects and are down scaling their projections.

Capcom isnt the only the only japanese third party publisher who have been making poor business decisions over cashing in upfront from deals many dont agreed with. Squarenix, is that other, but after their ceo was forced to step down, things are already changing.

And in its Capcom's case, its no different. I believe the franchise will eventually come to the vita, when however is a different story altogether. But it would help if people spoke out, and held petitions, maybe then idk make the company consider porting or bringing the franchise over sooner than later.

miyamoto2035d ago

1. Nintendo has tried and tried again to bring Capcom's PlayStation hits to their own only to find them going back to PlayStation again.

History repeats itself.

Like Square Enix, Capcom forgot who they are. and sold their souls to M$ only to find themselves losing so much.

Th4Freak2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Well said and don't forget about Toukiden, God Eater 2 and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace.

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