10 Unforgettable Gaming Moments Of This Generation

WC - With the PS3 and Xbox 360 slowly giving way to the next generation of consoles due out this holiday season, it is time we look back on the incredible moments our HD consoles brought to life these past eight years.

Some moments made us laugh, some moments made us cry, and some moments blew our minds. These moments will most likely be topped with better graphics, better games, and soon we will have a new gaming generation of unforgettable moments to keep us busy for another eight years or longer. However, there are some moments from the current generation that will be quite hard to forget.

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oof462034d ago

My favorite memory of this generation: Would you kindly beat me to death with this golf club?

Mosquito2034d ago

And now I know the only compass that I need, is the one that leads back to you.

PirateThom2034d ago

That bit to me was a lot more memorable than going to Mexico.

I also think Three Leaf Clover in GTAIV was one of the most boring, drawn out and long missions and I hated it. The drive to get there was painfully boring.

For me, the most memorable moment is going to come from MGS4.... either the microwave corridor, the nostalgia fight with Liquid hand to hand or the entire ending "Snake had a hard life" to more or less everything Big Boss said.

coolbeans2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

10. Red Dead Redemption - Riding Into Mexico
9. Assassin's Creed II - May It Never Change Us
8. Grand Theft Auto IV - Three Leaf Clover
7. Batman: Arkham City - Ending
6. Batman: Arkham Asylum - Scarecrow
5. Bioshock - I Chose Rapture
4. Red Dead Redemption - Ending
3. Journey - Meeting Your Companion
2. Bioshock - Meeting Andrew Ryan
1. Your Moment

Can't stand the 1 choice per page format of whatculture. -_-

WeAreLegion2034d ago

Great list! It's odd to find a list I like.

I would add:

"Jenny" - The Darkness
Walking out into San Francisco - Resistance 2
No Russian - MW2
Finding Out - Heavy Rain
Brumak Ride - Gears of War 2
Cronos - God of War III
The End (Both Endings) - inFamous 2
The Twist - inFamous
Microwaves - Metal Gear Solid 4
Train - Uncharted 2
Airplane/Desert - Uncharted 3 (Especially in 3D)
Poseidon Adventure? - Uncharted 3
Widow makers followed by train followed by Malikov followed by prison. HOLY CRAP! - Resistance 3
Suicide Mission - Mass Effect 2
I CAN SHOOT THAT?!? - Portal 2
MAWLR - Killzone 3

joab7772034d ago

A few really, really stand out. First, when I exited the vault in Fallout 3. Hooked would be an understatement. Andrew Ryan was ruined for me but the first interaction with a little sister is burned into my subconscious. Oh, the noise she makes and the look of her eyes. And the first time that you pull the trigger on a big daddy, its like u knew u were doing something wrong but had no choice. Returning to Rapture in Bioshock 2 because i had dreamt of that day since i finished the first. Oblivion is very memorable because its the first next gen game that I played. Reading the stories in Lost Odyssey. And the most recent memories come from two games this year. First arriving in Ni No Kunie because I just couldn't believe my eyes and the beast of america song on Infinites title screen. It got me so pumped for probably my most anticipated game this gen. And it didn't disalpoint. Its hard to choose moments from that game because they r so fresh but two are (spolier) when you sing the unbroken circle in the basement of the graveshift bar and at the end when booker is yelling at her saying "the songbird is coming". She is relaxed, realizing what has happened and ...bam...she stops him ala the matrix and Neo stopping the bullets. And then we r transported to rapture!!!